The Latest Version of Ephesoft can be Downloaded here



  1. Feature Enhancement: Support for the latest Paper Stream driver v1.21.
  2. Feature Enhancement: All the HTML files in Ephesoft now support HTML 5 complainant doctype.
  3. Feature Enhancement: Upload process in Web Scanner has been optimized for speed.
  4. Feature Enhancement: OutOfMemory Error has been resolved for Batches with large number of images (more than 1000 images).
  5. Fix For Problem: Uploaded file names on Linux Environment are generated correctly when files are uploaded using Internet Explorer.
  6. Fix For Problem: Learn DB now supports large number of Fuzzy DB mappings in batch class.
  7. Fix For Problem: Scanned Images from Web Scanner and Uploaded Files from Upload Batch now gets uploaded in case username contains spaces.
  8. Fix For Problem: Sync DB operation has been optimized for null values.