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1 Feature Enhancement: Optimizations have been made to CMIS Export such that file size is transmitted for each document at time of upload to avoid failure.
2 Feature Enhancement: Email Import has been optimized and it creates mail body after attachment even in case attachment file name start with numeric.
3 Feature Enhancement: Web Scanner wiki has been updated which explains that auto refresh property in is not used anymore instead auto refresh option on UI must be used.
4 Feature Enhancement: UNC Import and Upload Batch have been optimized to support .zip files during batch processing.
5 Feature Enhancement: CMIS Export has been optimized to support Boolean values in Ephesoft.
6 Feature Enhancement: DeSkew operation has been optimized and it is supported with single core license as well.
7 Fix For Problem: Optimizations have been made to restrict creation of duplicate batches when batch is renamed using scripts.
8 Fix For Problem: Multipage tiff to single page tiffs conversion has been optimized to generate tiffs having almost identical dimensions as in source Multipage tiff file.
9 Fix For Problem: field_option_value_list column size in field_type table has been set to 5000 to allow import of batch classes with large number of field value option list.
10 Fix For Problem: Optimizations have been made to ocrClassifyExtract web service to yield correct extraction results.