The latest Ephesoft patch installer can be downloaded at: Ephesoft


Release Notes:

  • Fix For Problem: Fixed form extraction web service now works well in case multiple concurrent requests are made.
  • Fix For Problem: Tesseract HOCR plugin now allows processing of Chinese characters.
  • Fix For Problem: Fixed form web service is now backward compatible with earlier web service i.e. old web service has been re introduced in system to provide backward compatibility.
  • Fix For Problem: Batches are no longer duplicated on MSSQL Server always on cluster fail-over.
  • Fix For Problem: Batches moved to ERROR state due to MSSQL Server always on cluster fail-over are now restarted from current module after successful failover.
  • Fix For Problem: Extraction now extracts correct words and in correct order even for image samples having words with strange y coordinate difference values.
  • Fix For Problem: Duplicate instances of workflow execution for same batches are now avoided in multi-cluster environment.
  • Fix For Problem: Rare occurrences of blank batch instance UI while using MSSQL server has been eliminated.
  • Fix For Problem: Open LDAP DLLs updated to remove security vulnerabilities.
  • New Feature: OCR, Classify and extraction web service for mobile SDK and application. This new web service will use plugins configured in extraction module and optional document type as input for generating the extraction results.
  • New Feature: Support for Linux batch class on windows version of Ephesoft.
  • Feature Enhancement: Windows authentication has been added for all database connection settings in META-INF.
  • Feature Enhancement: KV page process configurations will remain intact during upgrade process.
  • Feature Enhancement: Table extraction feature enhanced to handle various error scenarios where table data displayed on Validation screen has incorrect table rows and columns.
  • Feature Enhancement: Change in MSSQL data source URL to improve database server performance.


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