Updating Batch Instance as Deleted

Applies to: Transact all versions

Updating the batch instances as DELETED in the Ephesoft database will cause duplicate jobs to be generated as NEW.

To expedite the deletion of batch instance jobs, users can update the batch_status column of the dbo.batch_instance table from the Ephesoft database with the condition of last_modified date.

User Instructions

Sample query:

UPDATE Ephesoft.dbo.batch_instance

set batch_status = ‘DELETED’

WHERE last_modified < ‘2021-12-31 23:59’

This will automatically update the selected batches chosen by the SQL script in the Ephesoft UI as expected. However, it will also cause the same batch instances to be recreated as NEW batch instance jobs.

To bypass this from happening, perform the following before running the UPDATE script or manually updating the batch_status column for individual batch instances to DELETED:

  1. Find the original Batch Instance drop folders inside the Batch Classes and delete the folders for those jobs you want to delete.
  2. Find the Batch Instance jobs from inside the /Shared Folders/ephesoft-system-folder and delete the batch instance folders for the jobs you want to delete.

Note: Doing both of these actions before updating the SQL database table will ensure that you do not see any duplicate jobs.