Question: What are the specific steps in order to upgrade Ephesoft on a linux server.


Yes, and they are the standard steps required to install Ephesoft on a Linux server. You will want to extract the Ephesoft for Linux install files into a directory.

First change to a root account with ‘su root’.

Next, you will need to set the permissions for the files. Change directory to where you extracted the Ephesoft patch installer and run the following command: chmod 777 *

You are now ready to upgrade. You will just need to run the command ./install and wait as it goes through the steps. You will be asked two important questions which are below with their answers:

Would you like to apply database patch?

-Only apply database patch to one Ephesoft server in the cluster. If you are using one server for UI and one for processing, You will have to run the upgrader on both servers, but you will only update the db on one server.


Would you like to install tesseract?

-If you did not install tesseract the first time around on the previous install, you have the option  to install it now also.