Ephesoft provides another way to perform clean-up automatically that can be configured as a cron job using procedure mentioned below.
Following are steps to configure Ephesoft clean up SQL Procedure:-
1. Stop the Ephesoft server if it is currently running.
2. Create a clean-up stored procedure for the respective database by running the attached SQL query in query browser. (see Downloads below)
3. Change the following properties in ‘Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/dcma-reporting’.
a. Inside the ‘dcma-report.properties’ modify the following properties:-
i. is_reporting_and_cleanup_enabled=true
ii. export_report_data_switch=false (set to false when reporting is not needed else set to true)
b. Inside the ‘dcma-report-scheduling.properties’ modify the following property:-
iii. dcma.report.cronjob.expression=0 0 1 * * ? *
4. Restart the Ephesoft server.



Stored Procedure for 3.1+: DB_Maintenance.zip

Pre-3.1: https://ephesoft.com/docs/how-to-clean-out-batch-instance-sql-table