It provides all web users to maintain ‘ephesoft shared folder’ including batch class folders, java script files and other configuration files. It has following below listed features:

  • Super Admin user can execute his batch using unc folder for required batch class.
  • New files can be uploaded as samples.
  • Old samples can be deleted.
  • New folders can be created.
  • Admins would be relieved from accessing server folder structure every time they desire to make some changes.
  • Super Admin users can view batch back up xml files as well and anlayze output of various executed plugins.
  • Super Admin users can view the final output PDF/TIFF generated by the application.
  • Users can configure some batch level property configurations.

To access it, user can hit the URL {http://localhost:8080/dcma/FolderManager.html} or click on the newly added tab displayed in the following image:




Features list

The structure of this folder management feature has been designed in a way similar to make the job of Admins and Super Admins simpler.

  • FOLDER SELECTION WIDGET: This is a list box containing a list of batch class folders available for selection.




The options appearing in the list of available folders depends upon the role assigned to the user who has logged-in:

  • Super Admin Users: The shared folder appears in the dropdown list. Also all the batch class folders present in the shared folders location will appear in the dropdown.
  • Admin Users: Only those Batch class folders (from the shared folder) appear in the list for which the user has permissions to access.

The first option in the list is selected by default. Sub folders are displayed in the Tree hierarchy on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Folder Structure Tree: All the subfolders are listed in the tree format as shown in the image below. User can click on the node to expand and select a sub folder as well.
  • Folder Content Table: The sub folders as well files contained are listed here.

NOTE: The scripts folder within the batch class folder will be visible only to the admin and super-admin users.


  • OPTIONS PANEL: There are a number of options available in the Options Panel above the table displaying the folder content:

Folder Options Panel:

  • New Folder: This creates a new folder under the currently selected folder. Each time a new folder is created, it is automatically assigned a name “New Folder” with an index appended at the end.
  • Up: This allows a user to go one level up in the folder structure.
  • Refresh: This refreshes the content of the folder currently selected in the folder tree.

Upload Options:

  • Browse: This allows user to browse through folder structure and select multiple files to upload.
  • Upload: Attached multiple files are uploaded to the selected folder on the click of this button.
  • View attached files: Just next to the Upload button is a link to view (and even remove) files attached using the browse button.




Multi-select Options: These options operate on the basis of files selected from the checkboxes available besides each file in the folder content table.

The options available are: Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete

Below the options panel, comes the table representing the table content. The table has the following sortable headers: Name, Modified on and Type.


For each entry in the table, the user is provided with the following options:

  • Double click on File/Folder: Double clicking any file/folder opens it. In case of a folder, the folder opens in the folder tree-table structure shown here itself. In case of a file, the file opens up in either the browser itself (if the browser supports it) or it prompts the user to open/save the file.
  • Right click on file/folder: Right clicking on a file/folder in the folder content table presents the user with various options:
    • Open: Open selected file or folder.
    • Cut: Cut the selected files or folders.
    • Copy: Copy the selected files or folders.
    • Rename: Opens a dialog box so that the file/folder can be renamed.
    • Delete: Delete the selected files or folders.
    • Download (Option only for files): Opens the browser dialog box to open/save the file.



Please Note: Each of the above right click options are provided on individual files (on which the right click has been performed) and not on the selected folder or files.