When trying to use the Ephesoft Web Scanner Feature, I am seeing an issue where the Start button is greyed out but the Select Scanner button is blue. I see some errors on the Java console:

Sample Error:

at sun.plugin2.main.client.MessagePassingExecutionContext.doCookieOp(Unknown Source)
at sun.plugin2.main.client.MessagePassingExecutionContext.getCookie(Unknown Source)
at sun.plugin2.main.client.PluginCookieSelector.getCookieFromBrowser(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source) Cookie service is not available - use cache to determine "Cookie"


You may want to reset your Browser cache.

For IE8 & 9:

  1. Go to the tools menu and select internet options
  2. Under the General Tab, Click the Button labeled “Delete”
  3. Make sure the Temporary Internet Files and the Cookies are selected
  4. Click Delete down at the bottom and try the web scanner again.

For Chrome:

  1. Go to the Settings in Chrome
  2. Click on the “Show Advanced Settings” Link donw at the bottom.
  3. Under Privacy Click on “Clear Browsing Data”
  4. Select Clear Browsing History, Empty the Cache and Delete Cookies and other site plug-in data.
  5. Click Clear browsing data