For Global Security Reasons specifically for highly confidential data some customers would like to know where does Ephesoft stores data and other processed Information.
In Ephesoft below are the locations where information is usually stored:
  • Database: All information related to product and Batch Instance Related information.
  • UNC Folder / Drop Folder: This has the files or samples uploaded by customer.
  • ephesoft-system folder: This is where mainly most of the files gets generated when BI is in running state. TIFF’s Batch.xml’s etc.
  • final-drop-folder or User configured Location: This is where final PDF file and Batch.xml if stored.
  • report-data folder: This is where all batch.xml files with respect to each module execution is stored and this is used for the purpose of reporting.
  • Shared Folder: Where batch classes exist and customer’s learned files exist inside these Batch Class Folders.
  • JavaAppServer -> Temp folder: Stores class files of any custom java scripts in place.
  • There are other temporary folders where first if customer is using other channels like Web Scanner & Email Import where images will be first temporary saved and ultimately moved to DROP folder / UNC folder and the same images in these temporary folders are deleted.