Ephesoft Folders with Customer-Specific Data

This page provides a list of folders within the Transact installation directory where Transact will store data and other processed information.
  • Database: All information related to Transact and batch instances.
  • UNC Folder / Drop Folder: Files or sample documents uploaded by users.
  • ephesoft-system folder: Where most files are generated when a batch instance is in the RUNNING state. This includes TIF and batch.xml files, among others.
  • final-drop-folder: Where the final PDF and batch.xml are stored. This can also be a user-configured location.
  • report-data folder: Where all batch.xml files are stored, with respect to each module execution. This is used for reporting.
  • Shared Folder: Where all batch classes are stored. Each batch class folder includes learned files for that batch class.
  • temp folder: (JavaAppServer/temp) Stores class files of any custom scripts in place.

Note: There are other temp folders where images will be temporarily saved when using document ingestion methods like Web Scanner and Email Import. These images will be ultimately moved to the UNC folder or Drop folder. When these images are moved, the temporary folders are automatically deleted.