As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Thomas Yeh, Sr. Software Engineer

Thomas Yeh Employee Spotlight1 year, 2 months at Ephesoft

Thomas Yeh’s job at Ephesoft fell into his lap shortly after a recruiter introduced him to CEO Ike Kavas and the VP of Engineering. He had previously been in the capture industry as an integration partner that added value to the medical and healthcare fields with a competitive product. Therefore, his industry knowledge combined with his technical expertise made him a great fit.

“When I joined, it was an exciting period for me because I saw a problem that I could fix and make an impact,” said Thomas. When he joined, Thomas began working on Ephesoft Transact Mobile SDK and creating code for edge detection. Coding edge detection is difficult and a necessary feature for capturing documents and data. “My favorite part of the job is researching and discovering how to solve problems. The edge detection was a feature I created that I was especially proud of.” Thomas went on to work on the mobile products for versions 4.0, 4.1 and 4.5.

Currently, he is working on several projects in cloud environments. There is a growing demand from Ephesoft customers wanting to benefit from using our cloud platform. Scalability, flexibility and no hardware and maintenance costs are the most appealing reasons for wanting to move to the cloud. IDC predicts that “by 2020, public IT cloud services will account for 58% of the $355 billion combined spending on traditional plus public cloud applications, development and deployment tools, infrastructure software, storage, and servers,” so it makes sense that this shift will result in more intelligent features and functionality. “Having the opportunity to work on different types of projects, especially in the cloud, is something that’s exciting and relevant since technology is changing at such a fast pace,” said Thomas.

“Teamwork is an important part of Engineering. Everyone understands that they are part of a chain and that your work is needed by the next person down the chain. So, we all work hard for each other,” explained Thomas. In his opinion, the product plans are realistic, attainable and risks are mitigated.

Looking back, after attending college in Taiwan, he moved to Indiana where he achieved his Master’s degree in Computer Science and met his wife. They made their way to Silicon Valley and then moved to Southern California about 13 years ago. He spends time with 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son, who are both musically talented: his daughter plays the French horn and piano, playing with an orchestra, and his son plays piano. In his free time, Thomas teaches middle school and high school students coding. He mentors these kids who often compete in national coding and technology events “and they do really well!”