Join Ephesoft for the premier technology conference for progressive Financial Institutions, FinTech Companies and Investors that showcases the best examples of leading innovators from around the globe. You don’t want to miss the unveiling of our latest innovation

Watch a recording on the live presentation here.

To demo a new product at Finovate is an honor and mark of achievement in and of itself.  The companies selected to present are hand-picked from a pool of applicants vying for the privilege to showcase their latest innovation center stage.  And what better forum to do so than the Big Apple?  Selections are made by “novelty (newness of the fintech), innovativeness (originality of the approach), potential (degree of impact in the fintech industry), wow/X/cool factor, and diversity (comparison to the number of companies in the same “space” competing for a spot)” (  This September, that prestigious list includes Ephesoft, and a game changing announcement that will redefine how companies leverage unstructured data to make business critical decisions.

Finovate felt like stepping into the future of finance with genuinely innovative companies challenging conventional wisdom. ~ Aman Narain, Standard Chartered Bank

Of all the Finovate events, the Fall Conference has become known as the pinnacle for innovative new product releases.  Past demos – which last only 7 minutes per company – have covered debit rewards, alternative payments, person-to-person (P2P) lending, new marketing tools, security solutions, big data, mobile apps, social investing, personal financial management, youth banking, credit, and next-generation online banking platforms.  View show brochure

If you are still wondering about attending, be assured you will be in good company.  Between the new product innovations and high energy networking opportunities, Finovate is one investment that can just about pay for itself in a day.

Visit to learn more online and register to attend this falls premier financial event in New York City with Ephesoft’s very own Tim Dubes  and Ike Kavas.