Rolling out the latest version of our Community Edition open source document capture software

Ephesoft Community is 100% open source, free to download and free to use from Ephesoft. There are no license fees and support is provided communally among users; it is recommended for Linux developers and technical enthusiasts who wish to invest their time and resources in exploring the benefits of advanced document capture.

Ephesoft Community employs the same architecture and user interface as the entire Ephesoft Smart Capture® product suite, including Transact, Linux and Cloud Editions, which provide fully supported versions featuring dynamic batch classes, web services, mobile applications, fuzzy data capabilities and advanced analytics.

“The release of the Linux Community edition reinforces our commitment to open source technology,” explains Gary Saxena, Director of Product Engineering at Ephesoft. “Along with our commercial customers, community users provide valuable feedback which enables Ephesoft to continually develop innovative solutions for document capture and data extraction applications.”

For more details about Ephesoft Community, Linux Edition version 4.0, or to download the software, visit the Ephesoft Wiki