As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and our ability to drive innovation. Get to know some of our team members and enjoy the inaugural Employee Spotlight blog post with many more to come.

Ignacio De Castro Perez, Jr. Development Operations Engineer

13 months at Ephesoft

Several years ago, Ignacio was accepted to the University of California, Riverside to pursue his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He lived in Madrid, Spain his entire life and gladly accepted the idea of going to study abroad in Southern California. He previously worked as a private tutor and intern, so after graduation, he set out to find his first “real” job. In 2017, Ignacio’s tech skills were quickly identified and he was hired at Ephesoft as an Application Support Engineer in the Customer Support department.

“My first impression was that it was a small company where you could get to know everyone. It’s always been a friendly atmosphere and my team was very accommodating,” Ignacio recalled. Ephesoft Transact, the core product that enterprises use for smart document capture and which features patented supervised machine learning algorithms, can be complicated to learn at a deep level. It can be even more challenging to troubleshoot questions for customers and partners. He excelled at both, and after 10 months in his position, he was promoted to the Engineering team as a Jr. Development Operations Engineer for Ephesoft Transact.

Aside from explaining what a bright, modern office space we have, Ignacio enjoys his co-workers along with the great perks of having lunch and breakfast brought in most days. “As for the Engineering team, I’m grateful for flexibility in my schedule and the team as a whole. My favorite thing is working with AWS [Amazon Web Services] because I have access to learn popular, common technology. Chandra, my boss, trusts me to be the Jr. Dev-Ops Engineer for Ephesoft Transact, which is a big responsibility,” said Ignacio. He explained that development operations at Ephesoft means managing the platform infrastructure in the cloud.

While AWS projects are his favorite, he also explained that they can be challenging for him as well. There are many things to learn about cloud technology, so it’s both fun and difficult work. “Everyone is willing to help, including our VP of Engineering, who is hands-on. We’re building software with the latest technology, which is attractive to anyone in my field.”

Ignacio was recruited by a fellow coworker to join the Ephesoft Activities Committee, so has been part of the group since its inception. He enjoys helping to bring fun ideas and activities to the team at Ephesoft. Outside of the office, he enjoys hiking with his dog, a Lab Vizsla mix, whose name is Boira, the Catalan (Spain) word for fog. He loves Indian food and Southern California. For the future, he hopes to stay local, become a Senior Dev-Ops Engineer and get certified on AWS.