As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Rick Churchville, Federal Sales Manager

6 months at Ephesoft

Employee Spotlight: Rick ChurchvilleIt’s not every day you meet a fifth-generation Washingtonian (DC) with relatives that go back to the Revolutionary War. Meet Rick. Although Rick’s family moved to Boston, Massachusetts when he was a baby, his roots go far back into American history, including a 10 Volume 1st Edition Book of Photos from the Civil War.

After finishing college at the University of Massachusetts, Rick joined the military for Officer’s Training for flight school in the Air Force. He was inspired by his uncle who was a Cornell in the Air Force, working for Dick Cheney at the time. However, he only lasted about one year as he explained that his pilot skills were mediocre.

As someone who worked in early stage technology companies, Rick’s first software job was at a company called Micro Pro, the creator of Word Star, one of the earliest Word Processing packages. His role was to sell the software to resellers. “Back then, I had to check my messages in a telephone booth,” explained Rick who emphasized how much technology has changed and shaped our world today.

He moved to Philadelphia and landed a job selling software for IBM. This led him to transfer positions within IBM and gave him an entrée into a Public Sector sales position back in Washington, DC. “I liked the broad range of requirements that government agencies had. There are so many agencies with different use cases, which made it fun because I wasn’t always selling the same product.”

Selling in the public sector had its challenges. Exemplified by the recent government shutdown, budget problems in the government sector are often mirrored the United States economy. For large companies like IBM, budget problems in the government can mean the need for companies to downsize. Another challenge unique to government is that the sales “rules of engagement” are different from other markets. There is a specific buying season, so managing budget and a consistent pipeline can be difficult.

As Rick’s career moved forward, he worked for an imaging distributor, where he learned about capture products and had the opportunity to gain channel experience through partners. He worked for Kofax for 8 years and touted that he was the first sales person to sell over $6 million dollars, being recognized as top salesperson of the year before they downsized. He transitioned to Kodak as the Head of Public Sector Business Development for local, state and federal government. Although it was a good experience, he missed being on the cusp of innovative technology and software.

When he found Ephesoft, “it was a unique combination of great technology with the feel of a startup,” said Rick. “Ephesoft has a solid customer base, but the world is our oyster! At Ephesoft, we are truly enabled to support and grow our channel.”

“As a remote employee, I’m excited to build relationships with my partners and internally with our channel team. I had a great time meeting everyone at our worldwide sales kickoff event. Teamwork at Ephesoft is part of our core values and an important aspect of success,” explained Rick. “It’s great that in my short time at Ephesoft, I’ve gone full circle and just close a large deal with the Air Force! I couldn’t have done it without teamwork!”

Rick is married with an adult son and daughter. He’s looking forward to a trip in Costa Rica and is into fitness, including spin, yoga, weights and golf. He also enjoys brewing beer and has a lot of fun with trying new craft beers.