Case Studies

Ephesoft résout les problèmes liés à l’amélioration de l’efficacité et de la productivité de manière inégalée. Découvrez les différentes solutions de capture documentaire que nous proposons à divers secteurs.

Human Resources


“We wanted not only to digitalize but also to receive metrics out of our documents… Ephesoft provides a reliable capture platform based on supervised machine learning to automate the processes of sorting documents per employee, per type and requiring metadata depending on document type.”

~Philippe Kervoëlen, Directeur Général Délégué Support


Medicare & Medicaid

“Our team at Ephesoft is thrilled that we can contribute to helping government healthcare programs prevent fraud, abuse and waste and enable them to help the people who legally qualify for it,”

~Ike Kavas, CEO at Ephesoft


Honda Logistics

“The solution has freed up our time by transforming data entry roles into more managerial roles. We can now quickly answer vendor questions, track invoices and monitor cashflow. »

~Brad Gerritsen, Accounts Payable Coordinator



« “Ephesoft’s intelligent document capture and OCR platform enabled our goals to become a reality. More importantly, their software and machine learning technology enables our customers to work better, faster and smarter. »

~Bruce Belvin, President of OneDataSource


IT Speicherkraft

“There are many smart apps…but only we offer automated invoice reading at a smart price. Ephesoft Transact provides optimal conditions and prerequisites.”

~ Ing. DI (FH) Christian Günther, Managing Director


Norman & Company

“Ephesoft is recognized as one of the most comprehensive Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software solutions in the industry. Norman & Company had very complicated forms and I knew that Ephesoft’s Smart Capture could handle this heightened complexity.”

~Stephen Nimon, ECM consultant

BPO | Marketing

Large Marketing Services Company

Shortly after Ephesoft was installed, their direct labor was reduced by two thirds, going down from 15 data entry staff to only 5 people in that role. In terms of actual savings, the labor reduction accounted for about $43,000 per month, or $516,000 per year.


Agnico Eagle Mines

“The OCR functionality capture rate is about 80% and has cut our invoice processing time to about 1 minute… [and] we expect to see over 90% invoice throughput in the future,”

~Jean-Phillippe Allard, Manager, Financial Business Analysts


Washington State HCA

“Ephesoft is a powerful system that adds value, productivity and improves our processes. And Ricoh is a partner of choice whose MFPs help to get the information into Ephesoft,”

~Charles Hooper, Systems Administrator

BPO | Government


“Understanding and servicing our clients is what we do. OPM had millions of pages of documents that were manually being processed. They needed a sophisticated, but easy solution that could capture, classify, validate and export data into their system automatically – and Ephesoft was clearly the best fit,”

~Tom Flitter, Director of Information Technology & Integration


MIQ Logistics

“We’ve been able to reduce the risk of lost documents, the amount of time spent on document retrieval and filing, the number of data entry errors, and the length of time it takes us to pay our carriers,”

~Amy Franklin, Senior Business Analyst


BSA Limited

“Zia Consulting has been an excellent partner. They understood our needs and provided technical resources to implement our Alfresco and Ephesoft solution,”

~Karl Nixon, CFO


“The new system saves time, allowing workers to focus on high-value activities.”


Athabasca University

“Once the solution was live, the benefits became apparent almost immediately.”

Customer Service


“We can find 99.9% of documents in our Google Drive repository, whereas before we could only find 75-80% of documents in our hard copy files. This is a significant improvement in our processes and increases accuracy. Having documents being misplaced is no longer an issue.”

~Eddie Morace, Testing & Implementation Coordinator


Mountain West Financial

“This solution has been a sea of change for us. We’re moving toward paperless workflow and we’ve opened doors for scanning on the front end. It’s a very positive change.”

~Susan Hartsock, IT Supervisor



“It’s very intuitive & easy to configure, and since less training required, our customers love it. When needed, Ephesoft offers a very proactive and helpful support team.”

~ Anshuman Nayak, Lead Systems Consultant


Baldwin and Lyons

« We have a lot of business leaders who have been here 20 years….Today, change is a way of life for people we didn’t think it would be easy to convince to change at all.”

~Brian Gray, Director of Application Development


Bristol City Council

“As we learned more about the functionality of Ephesoft we have realized that it could be used to improve the efficiency of many other document-centric processes across the council.”

~ Robin Lewis, EDRM Domain Manager



“This translates into thousands of dollars saved for the company.”

~Alex Ulyanov, CIO


RC McLean

“In terms of billing, what’s great about Ephesoft is that it scans and classifies all of our data. We no longer need to walk over to filing cabinets and look up information in the files. This is a huge benefit. »

~Beth Turnbaugh, Director of Billing Operations at RCM