Les études de cas

Ephesoft résout les problèmes liés à l’amélioration de l’efficacité et de la productivité de manière inégalée. Découvrez les différentes solutions de capture d'image que nous proposons à divers secteurs.

Les catégories

NHS Trust

Dans le secteur de la santé, le dossier patient électronique partagé constitue l’un des sujets essentiels en matière de numérisation.

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“Ephesoft is an important part of entering incoming invoices into the system and efficiently filing barcoded documents on all processes. »

~Daniel Kranz, system developer at Systemair GmbH

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“We wanted not only to digitalize but also to receive metrics out of our documents… Ephesoft provides a reliable capture platform based on supervised machine learning to automate the processes of sorting documents per employee, per type and requiring metadata depending on document type.”

~Philippe Kervoëlen, Directeur Général Délégué Suppor

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DH Pace

“Ephesoft and Zia provided a solution that was all-inclusive at a single price and gave us the flexibility we needed…without worrying about the extra costs.”

~Kevin Dunn, Assistant Director of Process Improvement at DH Pace

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Private Equity Firm

“We found that Ephesoft’s innovative, cloud technology is on the forefront of the enterprise capture industry with highly responsive support from the executive level down to sales, marketing and technical support”

~Adam Storch, VP of Business Solutions at Micro Strategies

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“Ephesoft offers us a stable platform and a cost-efficient license model, which allows us to implement various projects on our own.”

~Alexander Stephan, Project Manager at innogy

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MD Systemhaus

“MD Systemhaus has implemented a solution that meets our needs and
helps us to process incoming invoices more efficiently.”

~Nicole Huschka, Wintersperger GmbH

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Medicare & Medicaid

“Our team at Ephesoft is thrilled that we can contribute to helping government healthcare programs prevent fraud, abuse and waste and enable them to help the people who legally qualify for it,”

~Ike Kavas, CEO at Ephesoft

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