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5 raisons d’automatiser votre comptabilité fournisseursavec Smart Capture et RPA

Voici les 5 raisons principales d’automatiser le workflow manuel de capture de la comptabilité fournisseurs avec Ephesoft et RPA

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud

See first-hand how Ephesoft’s leading new hybrid cloud solution, Cloud HyperExtender, can accelerate digital transformation efforts by processing documents at lightning speed.

Enhancing RPA Document Vision

Legacy OCR inhibits the digital workforce. Smart Capture® + RPA = new capabilities, reduced error rates and enhanced automation

Introducing Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 & Cloud HyperExtender

Watch an overview of the significant new features of Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 and the benefits of Cloud HyperExtender.

Handwritten Documents in a Digital World

Handwritten data does not need to sound the death knell for a Digital Transformation initiative, as it does not preclude the digitization and automated processing of critical handwritten business information.

Insurance Claim Processing with RPA + Smart Capture

When used in conjunction with an RPA solution, Ephesoft Smart Capture® provides insurance companies with the tools to decrease claim processing time, increase customer satisfaction and improve information accuracy through intelligent content capture.

Pervasive Smart Capture

Today, with the advent of new age document intelligence APIs, Smart Capture® can now be pervasive — by adding technology to every workflow or robotic process — and provide incremental automation to document-centric processes throughout the enterprise.

Enabling Smart Capture® in a Microsoft World

Microsoft product offerings are so pervasive, it would be difficult to find an organization not using some component of their enterprise suite. Discover the synergy of Ephesoft Transact and Microsoft enterprise applications.

AI in Financial Services: Solving the Mortgage Document Problem

Capturing, sorting and extracting key data from inbound documents levies a heavy burden on organizations. No other vertical faces this challenge more than the financial services industry.

Customer Onboarding at MTF: 6 week project delivers a 400% productivity benefit

See how MTF Finance was able to achieve 92.3% shorter customer onboarding with a Smart Capture solution built for them by Future State Systems.