Every client has document pain. What is your solution?

“Today’s businesses struggle with reams of documents and large volumes of unstructured data, this creates workflow and collaboration nightmares – which is where Ephesoft comes in.”    Advisory practice leader for a global consulting firm

The document problem: Everyone has it. 

Documents are core part of business function and a means of information exchange. But without a standardized capture tool, organizations struggle to automate document-centric processes, and usually solve the problem through additional staffing, a bundle of disparate technical solutions and/or manual data entry.

The document automation opportunity for consultancies and integrators (that already understand a client’s business needs and processes) is immense.

Enterprise organizations’ cloud spend has finally surpassed on-premises software spend.*

    • While 22 percent of IT budgets are spent purchasing on-premises software, 25 percent of the budget is consumed by cloud software – including SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS.
    • A CIO’s top three initiatives are digital transformation, cybersecurity and cloud. Align yourself with your clients by focusing on solutions that overlap with each of these areas

* Flexera 2020 State of Tech Spend Report

How can Ephesoft Help?

Ephesoft provides a document intelligence toolbelt for Global Consultancies and Systems Integrators

Ephesoft has a dedicated alliance program for our Global Consultancy and System Integrator (GCSI) partners. The program is designed to provide a broad depth of resources and support needed to help your customers in any industry with their document challenges. Ephesoft’s Global Alliance partnership provides the flexibility and substance to drive services hours, ongoing projects and solutions to digital transformation projects that require accessible data.

Our GCSI Global Alliance partners typically leverage Ephesoft in three ways:

Automate internal processes

Host and run services for customers

Install and configure for dedicated customer usage

A Core Component for Digital Transformation

Part of the challenge with digital transformation is ensuring your client has the right tools to truly transform business processes.

With more than 60% of business processes leveraging documents or records, Smart Capture becomes a necessary component in the move towards efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Platform to "Capture-Enable" the Customer Enterprise

Ephesoft provides a powerful, extensible document intelligence solution that can be used as an application through our browser interface or the application can call our OpenAPI compliant web services. This flexibility provides a seamless document transport layer in your customer’s organization, allowing automated data extraction and document classification to minimize human manual processing.

Adapt for Any Need

Ephesoft’s solution is built as a flexible framework for solving even the most complex customer automation challenges. Built with open architecture, customization is an option to tailor the solution.

Easy Proof of Concept

With its ease of setup, Ephesoft Transact can be deployed for paid client proof of concept engagements. Cloud deployment options show customers immediate returns on their Ephesoft investment.

Flexible Deployment

Not everyone is rushing to the cloud, so Ephesoft provides 3 deployment options: on-premises, hybrid and cloud. This ties into any cloud migration strategy and lends itself nicely to any digital transformation plan.

Land and Expand

Ephesoft’s capabilities provide you with endless expansion opportunities in any digital transformation program with the ability to drive new projects in other areas of desired automation. Our scalable architecture allows customers to start small and grow.

Integration Flexibility

Digital transformation often encompasses a broad variety of digital tools, including RPA, ERP, CRM, workflow and many other systems. With Ephesoft, you can capture-enable your other toolsets, providing a multiplier effect for any organization.

True Partnership

Our Global Alliance partners are critical to our growth strategy and we have built a playbook for mutual success. We believe in two-way partnerships, and provide every resource to make sure we win as a team.

Learn more about the Ephesoft Global Alliance Program.