One Platform to Support all RPA Applications

Document Intelligence for RPA

You probably support a variety of RPA platforms based on your client needs. With Ephesoft, you no longer have to plug in different document intelligence technologies, which can be painful and hard to support. With Ephesoft, your RPA team can have a single tool that can be utilized across RPA vendor platforms. Instead of spending time learning a whole new application, your consultants can focus on rapid delivery of automated solutions.

Going Beyond Plain OCR

Let’s face it, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is 20-year-old technology and adds little value by itself to RPA. At Ephesoft, OCR is the lowest level of our technology stack, topped by supervised machine learning and our patented algorithms, we take document understanding to the next level. By providing content classification and intelligent data extraction, we provide your RPA teams with enhanced vision for the digital workforce. This improves accuracy, processing speed and limits human interaction.

Generic Output for
Broad Support

With broad support for standard outputs like XML, CSV and database tables, any RPA application can ingest our intelligent data.

OpenAPI Compliant Web Services

Our full stack of 60+ Web Services can provide the digital workforce all the document intelligence functionality required for both simple and complex tasks.

Pre-built Integrations for BluePrism & UiPath

With pre-built integrations for two of the top RPA vendors, you have a running start with a Blue Prism VBO and UiPath Activities

Web Browser Interface

All you need is one of the major browsers to interact with Ephesoft Transact. Validate, Review and administration for remote workers.

Open and Extensible

How many clients want the same exact thing? With Ephesoft, you have the ultimate in extensibility and can easily customize the system for even the most demanding solution.

Go Beyond RPA

You can use Ephesoft Transact to service multiple business lines and all types of client usage scenarios. Drive new revenue streams, and enhance old ones with our versatile and scalable application.

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