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Your Toolkit

  • The Ephesoft platform was built to give our Global Alliance partners a broad and extensive document intelligence toolkit to address just about any client need.
  • Built as a Java/Tomcat web application, it can be run as a standalone application, or applications and developers can tap into 60+ Web Services OpenAPIs that provide micro and macro services.
  • With an open and extensible architecture, any Java developer can configure our capture workflow to create customized applications.

Why Ephesoft?

From a technology perspective, Ephesoft is the most open and modular capture solution on the market today. It can be used with its extensive off the shelf functions and features, but technologists can also lift the hood and build creative solutions. Here are a variety of topics to get you up to speed on the platform:

Getting Started

We’ve built a series of articles to provide a foundation on Ephesoft technology and our platform.

Getting Started with Ephesoft >

RPA Integration

Ephesoft has integrations with BluePrism and UiPath.  Both RPA platforms have built-in components in their design canvases that connect to our Web Services layer.

Blue Prism VBO >
UiPath Activity Set >

“How To” in Transact

We have a broad variety of instructional videos that show how to configure our application. Want to get a feel for what it takes to set up document intelligence?

How To Videos >

Got Cloud?

At Ephesoft, we are rapidly building our next-generation platform in the cloud, and have released an initial hybrid module called Cloud HyperExtender. Read more:

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender >

Web Services Overview

Our OpenAPI compatible Web Services allow you to capture-enable just about any application or device: RPA, workflow, ERP, CRM, etc. 

Read More on APIs >

Want a Demo?

Ready to see Ephesoft in action?  Set up a live demo with one of our Solutions Engineers and see how we can help you today.

Schedule a Live Demo >

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