By 2025, we will see 10x growth in the size of the global datasphere, creating a universe of data that organizations must tame. This challenge should be broken down in a systematic way to create context driven digital transformation.

This approach is called Context Driven Productivity, a new discipline taking you from dimensionless flat data to context rich semantic data.

From Basic Capture to Semantic Data

Pushing beyond basic capture launches you into the stratosphere of data built with the context required to truly move your organization to the next level of productivity. 

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Why Context Matters

If you can provide people (or digital workers) with the contextual data they need to easily complete tasks, you have discovered the key to unlocking productivity for your organization’s processes.

Supercharge Your Data

With semantic data applied to processes, organizations can now free people from doing machine work and focus on tackling the difficult problems that only people can.

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Turn Your Flat Data Into Meaningful Dimensional Data

Learn how to go beyond basic capture to improve your business processes.