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Blue Prism

Ephesoft is a Blue Prism Technical Alliance Partner and provides a supported Document Intelligence Visual Business Object (VBO) for Blue Prism. Ephesoft Transact is used in some of the leading, global financial institutions, working hand-in-hand with RPA in a variety of use cases: new account openings, loan approvals and trade finance. Our application’s flexibility and ease of integration create a powerful smart automation platform for any organization.

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Blue Prism Integration

Add Document Intelligence to Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism RPA helps organizations build their own Digital Workforce of Software Robots – who can work around the clock without getting tired – so employees can focus on higher-value work and companies can be more agile. Ephesoft’s Document Intelligence VBO (visual business object) is an adapter that connects our APIs through an integrated Blue Prism design experience. By using both technologies, users can access a more comprehensive pool of data to make better decisions based on more data with better results.

Ephesoft’s Smart Capture® application can integrate with Blue Prism in two ways:

  1. As a document and data onramp – Transact can ingest documents from a broad variety of sources, including: scanners, copiers, fax servers, folders, mobile devices, content services platforms and more. As documents are processed, the resultant data can be passed to an existing Blue Prism RPA process.
  2. Through our web services APIs – with a full suite of macro and micro services, Transact can be called mid-process through a VBO to provide valuable document insight through classification and data extraction through our Blue Prism VBO.

OCR for Blue Prism

At the most basic level, Ephesoft Transact provides powerful and extensive OCR capabilities in just about any language.

Document Classification

Documents being processed in Blue Prism can be automatically classified through our AI-enabled recognition engine.

Data Extraction

Ephesoft’s unstructured data extraction engine can tackle the most difficult document data structures in your robotic process.

Supervised Machine Learning

With our supervised machine learning engine, users can train and update the system through the application or Web Services.


Ephesoft Transact is designed to scale: it can work in small departmental projects or high-volume enterprise rollouts.


With both on-premise and cloud offerings, Ephesoft can provide solutions to meet organizational requirements.

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About Ephesoft and Blue Prism RPA

Ephesoft Transact provides smart document classification and data extraction to further automate any robotic process in Blue Prism. Our patented supervised machine learning for documents makes their unstructured data accessible and actionable. Ready to build?