Document Intelligence for Nintex

By combining Nintex’s automated and intelligent process automation system with Ephesoft’s Smart Capture® platform, you can create the foundation for Intelligent Processing Automation (IPA). Leverage Ephesoft’s supervised machine learning engine to classify and extract data, exporting it directly into Nintex workflows, all without code.

Onramp Data into Nintex

For accurate, organized data, organizations use Ephesoft’s innovative technology to ingest, classify, extract, validate and export their critical and valuable information automatically into Nintex’s workflow platform. This process allows users and decision-makers to find, access and use a comprehensive data set to complete their workflow processes.

Design Document Aware Workflows

Pass Ephesoft a document during a process and it returns structured actionable data that enhances your processes, improves automation through intelligence and allows automated decision-making without coding.

Provide Incremental Automation

Document intelligence eliminates manual data entry and provides key data for smart branching and complex logic. Check out our case studies to see specific use cases.

Auto-Name Documents & Folders

Provides a standard naming convention, key information and data to your systems of record and repositories. Ephesoft, Nintex and Microsoft tools work seamlessly together.

Web Services OpenAPIs

Through the use of a Nintex extension, you can easily, without code, design robust document aware workflows. Ephesoft’s Web Services OpenAPIs provide a powerful document automation and OCR platform.

Compliance & Customer Satisfaction

Smart document capture and extraction system generates better accuracy, streamlines processes and boosts productivity.

Avoid Manual Data Entry

Branching decisions can be made with pertinent document data, while deeper rule sets can be applied to avoid manual data entry or unnecessary wait times.

Download the Guide

Learn more about adding Smart Capture Solutions to a Nintex Workflow for SharePoint

About Ephesoft and Nintex

Ephesoft technology reduces processing time, increases efficiency and eliminates errors in your document-centric processes. With our open, modular architecture, we provide a powerful smart document automation and OCR platform on-premise or in the cloud. Customers who use Ephesoft and Nintex often use other products such as Microsoft SharePoint, Box, Alfresco, RPA or ERP solutions. Ephesoft is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner and a Preferred Content Services Partner charter member, with many seamless integrations worldwide.