Ephesoft Insight Extracts Data and Meaning from Unstructured Content

Universe DashboardLaguna Hills, CA., August 3, 2016 – Ephesoft Inc., reported today that the company has been awarded a patent for the application of analytics to structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

Patent 9,384,264 B1 issued by the United States Patent and  Trademark Office (USPTO) in July 2016 describes Ephesoft Insight and its application of multi-dimensional analysis to mine document repositories in order to extract data values that can be graphically represented and analyzed.

“Ephesoft’s goal is to bring innovation to the world of document capture,” said Ike Kavas, Chief Technology Officer for Ephesoft. “Our mission is to convert unstructured, document-based content into insightful data. Registering the core ideas that support this mission and obtaining recognition that these ideas belong to Ephesoft is only half of the story.  The more important half comes from the execution of the ideas. I congratulate our research and development teams for taking the ideas expressed in this patent and producing them in our product portfolio; the evidence of their success can be found in the impressive roster of commercial and government organizations that have chosen the Ephesoft capture and analytics programs to process their documents.”

“The Ephesoft solution applies machine learning techniques towards the problem of accurately extracting data from essentially unsearchable documents” said George Hoyem, Partner, Investments at In-Q-Tel, the investment organization that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community. “This capability may allow the Government to quickly unlock valuable data from millions of documents, save on storage costs, and enable enterprise visibility into trapped data.”

“Data analytics projects help knowledge workers make better business decisions,” continued Mr. Kavas. ”However the scope of those decisions has been largely limited to structured information—data labeled, related and associated within a database. Ephesoft’s work on document analytics opens up the vast document stores held within organizations—and often on the web—to the same depth and response velocity of  structured data.”

Ephesoft’s document analytics technology will be prominently discussed at the company’s annual user conference Innovate 2016, taking place October 16-19 in Irvine, California.

About Ephesoft:

Ephesoft, Inc. delivers intelligent capture technology on premise or in a SaaS model that extracts meaning from unstructured content. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Ephesoft has crafted the next generation of intelligent document capture technology that allows organizations to automate and streamline mailroom processing and other document-based business processes. Ephesoft is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, with regional offices throughout the US and EMEA.  The company is undergoing rapid growth and has customers in over 30 countries.  To learn more, please visithttps://ephesoft.com.

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