Housing Authority Streamlines and Classifies Documents

North Sydney, Australia – Ephesoft Inc., the leading developer of supervised machine learning-based document capture and analytics solutions, today announced that the Government of Western Australia Department of Communities Housing (Housing Authority), the largest affordable housing provider, operating in land development, housing construction and property management, has selected Ephesoft’s Transact platform. Process Automation Group (PAG), a systems integrator, are solutions experts who implemented Ephesoft’s innovative, smart document capture system.  

The Housing Authority, has over 1,600 staff in 42 locations, delivering affordable, quality housing working with private, government and non-profit partners. The agency provides housing for people who would otherwise struggle to rent or buy. The Housing Authority manages over 36,000 properties, that provide homes for more than 64,000 Western Australians, making it the biggest landlord in Western Australia.

“Ephesoft is pleased to provide a vital service to Western Australia’s Housing Authority. Our goal is to help our customers accelerate their document, data and analytics processes and minimise manual processes. The platform is proven to drive efficiency, cost savings and allow organisations to use data to gain insight,” said Andrew Rootes, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan at Ephesoft.

Because of its scale, the Housing Authority’s automated systems generate, create and store millions of documents annually. Six million of these letters and notices sent to their tenants were archived in HP Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) without containment or classification. The lack of containment prevented easy viewing when looking at individual property files and the lack of classification required permanent retention, thereby increasing costs to manage records and support associated infrastructure.

“It was a challenging, painful and costly process that we had been trying to resolve for years, so we turned to PAG for help,” explained Sheryl Gourdis, Manager Corporate Information at the Housing Authority. PAG’s deep knowledge of document data extraction enabled them to integrate Ephesoft Transact with both HP ECM and Kofax TotalAgility. Although the Housing Authority already used Kofax’s capture system for its mailroom, they selected Ephesoft Transact due to its flexibility and unlimited volume license to process all documents.

“We were relieved to find Ephesoft has unlimited document volume processing. On top of that, their sophisticated platform uses machine learning tools to add even more value as the system classifies more documents. Our process is more efficient, faster and we can easily find documents so we can better serve our staff,” said Gourdis. “PAG quickly implemented the system and provided us with great service and training. They had experience with eliminating manual processes with Ephesoft, which fit our needs and budget.”

As part of the project, PAG is far along working to automatically extract the relevant metadata via fuzzy matching, which enables each document to be contained with its relevant retention policy applied. In parallel, the system will improve their decentralised document processing through multifunction devices.

Process Automation GroupPAG has worked with the Housing Authority for several years and has advised them on other business improvement processes. “Ephesoft’s platform met all the requirements for our client. Now that a streamlined process is in place, we expect to see the Housing Authority’s records’ processing cycles decrease over time. We were able to keep our client’s costs down while adding tremendous value to their agency,” said Adam Niedzwiedz, Director at PAG.