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Still manually processing documents?
You’re falling behind.

Today’s enterprise demands work to be done at lightning speed and near perfect accuracy.
Manual review, data entry and legacy systems don’t work when you have millions (or just hundreds) of documents to process. Not only is it slow, antiquated and costly, but every error makes significant and direct damage to business margins – a true waste of valuable resources. It should be a job for machines, not people.

People have more to do than data entry

Whether it’s invoices, ID cards, tax forms, loan applications and more, our platform automatically captures data from business documents, and exports it to workflow systems (such as an ERP, ECM, RPA or BPO). Data entry is a thing of the past.
What could you do with your time now that you’re freed up?

Faster Processing


Cost Reduction

Highest customer satisfaction and quickest implementation in the industry




Scale using the cloud

Use cloud or hybrid solutions to get beyond the confines of an on-premises solution and enhance volume and performance. Proven up to 3,400 pages per minute, that’s 10x faster!

High-performance cloud image processing at scale

Maintain control over customer data and business process

ID Extraction

Ephesoft’s intelligent platform understands thousands of identification types from 195 countries right out-of-the-box. Simply upload to automatically extract data from passports, government IDs, visas, W-2s, IR8As, P60s or even patient intake forms.

Handwriting Recognition

Financial services, government, healthcare… there are thousands of forms, millions of people, creating billions of pages, all handwritten. Organizations are forced to sift through and process these documents manually, one by one. If this sounds painful, let our technology do it so your organization can focus on what really matters.

SOC 2 certified

GDPR compliant

Strictly following industry standards: data is always secure and encrypted in transit

Automated dynamic and static code scanning tools

Regular security awareness training and updates

Frequently and continually evaluated using third party testing

Integrate with other systems

We understand the complexities of automation, workflows and digital transformation. Ephesoft’s Web Services APIs make it easy to integrate our platform with any system.

Case Studies

Pepperdine University

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See how this higher education institution accelerated processes by 95% in their Admissions, Finance and Advancement departments.


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This manufacturing company captured 40,000 barcodes and 7,000 invoices monthly to export into Infor M3 at the right price.

MIQ Logistics

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Improving transportation and supply chain efficiency by automating invoices was important to customer satisfaction.

Premier Golf Organization

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This world renowned professional golf organization eliminated manual processes and boosted productivity in Finance, Compliance and HR.

Level up your productivity

Get ahead of your day (and your competition) with the ability to process millions of documents with the speed, accuracy and consistency to meet the demands of your business.
Game-changing productivity starts here.

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