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Content Capture

Liberate Useful Data

In the early days of content management, “content capture” usually meant converting a paper document into a digital image. Now, it’s a whole different story. Extracting the rich information contained within those captured images is where efficiency and insight really begin.


Capture useful business content, not just documents.

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The Shocking Truth: Ephesoft + Unstructured Data = ?

Structured data means information that’s stored in an expected format and is easily searchable. Information stored in spreadsheet cells or relational databases are common examples of structured data.

Did you know that only about 20% of data is stored this way? The other 80%, aka unstructured data, isn’t easily searchable.

Let’s use an invoice as an example. Once you’ve scanned it, what you have is a picture of an invoice. A person now has to review the image and note the invoice number and other information.

Use Ephesoft to automatically recognize useful info, extract it and export it to the appropriate destination. This is how Ephesoft makes extracted data available to core business applications, so you can achieve a smooth, speedy digital transformation.

True Transformation Relies on Deeper Data

Digital transformation isn’t just about turning documents into images or recognizing the characters and words on a page. True transformation is only possible when you’re able to access and take action on the content hidden inside your document data.

Get Data-Rich with Leading-Edge Tech

Ephesoft applies AI-based, supervised machine learning to easily identify content you can use. The system continues to learn over time, delivering an ongoing stream of valuable business data that wouldn’t even be visible to older solutions.

Many Roads to the Same Destination

Whether a document comes from a scanner, MFP, email or mobile device, it’s processed in exactly the same way. Ephesoft technology even supports integration with fax solutions, network folders and external BPOs.

Content Capture in Action

Ephesoft Transact

More Speed, Less Cost

Ephesoft Transact streamlines and automates high-touch manual processes. Blow the doors off your process performance while keeping costs under control.

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Add Scalable Power

Turbocharge the performance of existing Ephesoft Transact deployments with Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender. Whether your system is in the cloud or on-premises, Cloud HyperExtender gives you an instantly available performance upgrade that can cope with any sudden increase in demand.

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