Advanced Reporting Module

The Advanced Reporting Module is an optional addition to Ephesoft Transact Smart Capture® that enables detailed reporting in high-volume, production environments. These insightful reports can be used to analyze and optimize the parameters used during document assembly and extraction.

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The Ephesoft Transact Advanced Reporting Module provides a flexible yet powerful tool to view system performance. Administrators can generate highly informative reports to analyze and optimize the parameters used by Ephesoft during Document Assembly and Extraction, providing administrators the opportunity to fine-tune the system for maximum performance and increased ROI.


  • Identify and reduce manual data corrections
  • Monitor system performance over time and capture information about the correction process to identify where potential bottlenecks may occur
  • Generate detailed reporting on system performance to provide insight into needed adjustments to the document classification, extraction rules, and thresholds
  • Reports fall under three categories: Document Corrections, Extraction Corrections or Analysis Grid
  • Each report can easily be exported as a PDF or Excel file

Key Features

Document Correction Reports

Help users identify which Document types (if any) require further investigation and then drill down into sub-reports from either a data table or graphical renderings.

Extraction Correction Reports

List all of the document types in the system and the number of manual corrections required during extraction.

The Analysis Grid

Provides the insightful capability for users to leverage eDiscovery and quickly hone in on important document details.