OCR Image Processing

Transact Cloud HyperExtender

Break the Capture Speed Barrier

Near-limitless capacity and scalability at full-throttle speeds. Transact Cloud HyperExtender is a first-of-its-kind product that exploits the scalability of the cloud for incredibly fast image processing and OCR. By including Cloud HyperExtender as part of your Ephesoft Transact implementation, you can process large volumes of documents up to 10X faster than Ephesoft Transact alone. Scalability and capacity are where cloud-based solutions like Cloud HyperExtender shine, with unmatched flexibility to expand and contract with the changing needs of your business. This makes Cloud HyperExtender ideal for environments with consistently high or dramatically fluctuating processing demands. Cloud HyperExtender requires minimal upfront investment and integrates seamlessly with Ephesoft Transact, the document capture solution that helps you get value from content that can be hidden in unstructured data.

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Why Transact Cloud HyperExtender?

Reduces Capital Expenses

Get more processing capacity without provisioning more staff, servers or maintenance. Leverage on-premises hardware investments via a hybrid model by offloading the work to the cloud during peak processing times.

Grows with Your Needs

Over time, organizations need to scale areas of business up or down. Transact Cloud HyperExtender maintains performance while you scale. When the workload increases, just add more cloud-based capacity. Give your customers a consistent experience every time, even as your business changes shape.

Processing Power On Demand

Cloud HyperExtender can be used to dramatically increase the performance of your Ephesoft Transact system either in response to a sudden increase in demand or a consistently high workload. Don’t let high demand degrade your system's performance.

Ephesoft Transact

Use supervised machine learning to extract actionable business information from unstructured data.

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