Why Use a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

3,400 PPM


Best Performance

Don’t Let Fluctuating Workloads Affect Performance

We understand that enterprises want to move at the speed of light to make customers happier. And when your business apps slow down, your business slows down too. For intelligent document processing, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process typically uses the most server power, often causing slower processing times when there’s a spike in the number of documents to be processed. This is often the case for businesses that have seasonal document processing needs like tax processing, holiday retail sales, mortgage lender applications or loans during prime real estate seasons and insurance company claims after a natural disaster. Don’t let high demand degrade your system’s performance.

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Break the Capture Speed Barrier

Cloud HyperExtender is a first-of-its-kind product that optimizes the scalability of the cloud for incredibly fast image processing and OCR. By including Cloud HyperExtender as part of your Transact implementation, you can process large volumes of documents up to 10X faster than Ephesoft Transact alone.

Scalability and capacity are where cloud-based solutions like Cloud HyperExtender shine, with unmatched flexibility to expand and contract with the changing needs of your business. This makes Cloud HyperExtender ideal for environments with consistently high or dramatically fluctuating processing demands. And, as always, data security is a top priority.

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Significantly increases the performance of Transact, delivering sustained processing of up to 3,400 pages per minute.

Only Pay for What You Need

Annual subscription pricing is based on the volume of pages processed. The number of pages required can be increased as necessary.

Scalability/Processing On-Demand

The solution can be enabled in response to unexpected demand or seasonal workload variations to maintain SLAs.

Integrates with Cloud and On-premises Systems

The Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender integrates with both new and pre-existing deployments of Ephesoft Transact.

HTTPS Endpoint Protection

Added protection ensures the integrity of the data passed to and received from the Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender.

Server-side Encryption

Dedicated and segregated buckets of data for each customer are kept in a specific region. A server-side encrypted bucket with managed keys ensures security.

Reduces Capital Expenses

Get more processing capacity without adding more staff, servers or maintenance while leveraging existing on-premises hardware investments.

Customer Experience

Give your customers an uninterrupted experience every time, even as your business scales up or down with processing load.

How It Works

After documents are captured in the on-premises or cloud system, the processing-intensive OCR task is directed into the cloud for fast processing, and then directed back into the on-premises system for classification, extraction, validation and export.

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