There’s an Easy Way for Capture-on-the-Go

We understand that there can be important documents that need to be captured when it’s not always convenient or possible. You might be checking on an insurance claim at the scene of an accident, out in the field or onboarding a customer at their home or office. Any number of use cases fit why mobile capture can benefit your organization, which is why over 5 billion people or almost 70% of the world’s population owns a mobile device.

Upload Your Content From Any Mobile Device

Ephesoft Mobile provides an easy, reliable and secure way to ingest and upload content into Ephesoft Transact from any mobile device, which accelerates workflow and business processes. The mobile app features live edge detection, foolproof image cropping and enhancement filters. Supported in iOS and Android operating systems, all communication is kept secure by utilizing HTTPS protocols. Moreover, no documents or information are ever stored on the device itself.

Don’t Worry About Time-Sensitive Data

Ephesoft Mobile can improve workflow efficiency with minimal configuration to integrate this new capture source into your existing business process. It helps feed time-sensitive information into those crucial backend applications. Similarly, the recent pandemic has shown us that remote working tools, systems and strategies can be critical for maintaining profitable business operations.

Take Advantage of Mobile Technology

Enable your mobile workers to capture documents on-the-go

Speed up the document ingestion process by capturing in the field

Process time-sensitive information quickly

Improves workflow efficiency with minimal configuration into your business process

You Have Choices: Create Your Own or Use Ours

Customize Your Own App

Use our SDK (Software Developer Kit) to embed our mobile content acquisition technology into your native application.

Use the Ephesoft App

Download our out-of-the-box application to use with our globally accessible web-based Administrative Portal.



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