Ephesoft Mobile

Ephesoft Mobile is an application for iOS and Android and a SDK for developers that provides mobile integration with the Ephesoft Transact platform. It helps organizations to effectively use mobile devices as reliable delivery vehicles for content capture and data input as part of the corporate technology infrastructure.

Ephesoft Mobile Platform

Ephesoft Mobile lets you upload documents from a smartphone or other mobile device. Our pre-built apps for iOS and Android are perfect for internal usage across large organizations, and the included developer SDKs allow this functionality to be embedded into custom enterprise apps as well.

Benefits of Ephesoft Mobile

  • Enable your mobile workers to capture documents on-the-go
  • Reduce time to market, improve process performance and capture better data
  • Speed up the document ingestion process from the field and deliver it to workflows in real time
  • Reduced network bandwidth usage

Key Features

Acquire Business Information Right Where it Happens

Uses your mobile device’s camera to capture documents on-the-go to speed up the document ingestion process from the field and deliver quality data back into your workflows.

Live Edge Detection

Automatically use the edges in the image to find the contour (outline) representing the piece of paper being scanned, no matter the background and automatically corrects the perspective to obtain the top down view of the document.

High-Quality Capture

Utilizing the high-quality imaging camera on modern devices, Ephesoft mobile helps the user to take the guesswork out of capturing the best image.

Safe and Secure

Images taken with Ephesoft Mobile are delivered securely to your Transact server and never stored locally on the device.