Give Your Bot Context

One aspect of process automation has become clear: contextual data is critical to the success of any RPA implementation.

More than half of all business processes today involve some form of unstructured content, so accurately capturing and extracting meaning from it is a prerequisite for any enterprise automation.

To truly automate the process of data acquisition, document intelligence should be content and context-based. Samples-driven machine learning is the key to scalable enterprise.

Get Agile With Content

In content-centric workflows, documents are often merged together into a single file. With the ordering of these merges often at random, RPA systems struggle to adapt and often miss valuable data. Through patented machine learning technology, Ephesoft Transact automatically classifies and separates content into individual documents no matter what format is presented.

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Augmenting your bots with one of Ephesoft’s data acquisition platforms is easy. Take advantage of the several native integrations created for easy configuration within visual workflow builders, call our web services directly to incorporate an acquisition workflow at any point in your process.

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Turn Your Flat Data
Into Meaningful Dimensional Data.

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