Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Invoice Processing in Global Economy

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Invoices are like Snowflakes

Moving across continents and country lines, a broader international scope of digital transformations necessitates more complex deployments that accommodate multiple languages and financial markets. It turns out quickly that invoices are as unique as snowflakes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been around since the beginning of document capture (and earlier) but it is not enough to read each character on the page. It is necessary to understand the context of what is on the page. What does the invoice mean?

What is required is an intelligent system like the Enterprise Content Plattform form Ephesoft to help understanding that these words represent in the content of the type of document, that is being processed.

Learn more about the challenges and solutions to processing international invoices that go beyond mere data collection in our whitepaper.

Why Ephesoft Smart Capture® is more than just OCR software:

Benefit from patented technology based on Supervised Machine Learning. Thus, challenges in capturing international invoices, e.g. due to different languages, currencies and tax rates or accompanying documents can be easily coped with.

  • Fast and precise results due to high degree of automation
  • Integration in ERP, BPM, RPA etc.: Invoice processing does not stop when the data is read out
  • High level of process optimization
  • Validation options through Supervised Machine Learning
  • Recognition of sensitive data (GDPR)
  • Investment security through scalability
  • On-premises or in the cloud

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