Open Source Invoice Recognition And OCR

Streamline Your Invoice OCR With Our Open Source Solutions

The accounts payable department is flooded with paperwork, which weighs down the typical invoice process longer than it should. If you’re looking for open source invoice recognition solutions, Ephesoft can help!

With years of experience and a long list of successful projects, our invoice processing and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions will slash your manual processing times and drastically cut data entry mistakes.

Plus, with other valuable features that can provide security and audit reporting, the entire accounts payable process will feel the benefits of Smart Capture®.

More Information On Our Invoice Processing Solutions

In today’s typical AP department, piles of invoices are handed around and manually keyed into an accounting system. We all make mistakes, but when there’s a discrepancy on an invoice caused by a human error, this means real dollars of late payments and other fees.

Our open source invoice OCR solution used the power of advanced OCR to extract the right information without the human error factor. Not only that, our recognition software can be scaled up to handle your busy seasons without the need for hiring additional or temporary staff.

Here are some additional advantages:

  • Import electronic files and scanned paper
  • Advanced reporting for tracking and measuring
  • Scalability to grow with your organization
  • Available as a hosted or on-premises solution

With our open source invoice recognition and OCR capabilities, processing by hand or using outdated technology wastes time and effort. Put Smart Capture® to work for your company and gain a competitive advantage today!

How Ephesoft Invoice Recognition Can Help

With proven solutions and the right experience, we can explain how our open source OCR solution will slash processing costs, with more accurate data collection in less time.

For more information, feel free to contact us or schedule a demo.

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Organizations expect accurate financial processes and instantly available information, but these challenges have the potential to put a company’s regulatory compliance at risk. Whether it’s accounts payable, accounts receivable, transactions or expense reporting, the demand for flawless accounting processes has never been greater. Ephesoft delivers automatic document capture and classification solutions that quickly and accurately route documents into a safe, centralized repository for easy access. The software extracts and stores key data from invoices, significantly lowering processing and paper costs.