Accounts Payable

Push AP from Cost to Profit

If your AP department is working with antiquated processes, switching to a modern capture-and-extract solution is pretty much step one when it comes to saving time and money. But it goes beyond that: with decreased cycle times come opportunities for deep discounts and deep insights. Ephesoft uses supervised machine learning to understand and process invoices faster — while boosting accuracy with leading-edge document OCR, classification and extraction. You’ll be surprised what breakthrough invoice capture can do for your bottom line.

Boo, Boredom. Yay, Efficiency

Ephesoft helps automate accounts payable, accounts receivable and remittance processing, blowing the doors off old efficiency limits and freeing up staff to work on more important — and less yawn-inducing — tasks.

Shred Paper and Processing Costs

Digital document processing shrinks paper costs — the bigger you are, the more you save — and the less manual intervention is needed, the more processing costs take a nosedive.

Finally, Time for Compliance

The speed, transparency and accuracy of digital processes make compliance much easier to maintain. With less time spent on slow manual tasks, accountants have more time for due diligence and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Work That Capital

It’s simple: more reliable capture and extraction means more invoices paid on time and more discounts captured. Automated processes shrink things like audit prep time and quests for lost invoices. Saved money + saved time = AP profit.

About Ephesoft Transact

You want flawless accounting. It may seem like a distant dream, but a modern capture-and-extract solution like Ephesoft Transact can bring you miles closer.Whether it’s for accounts payable, accounts receivable, transactions or expense reporting, Ephesoft’s automatic capture-and-extraction technology quickly and accurately routes information from documents into a centralized repository for easy access.

Case Study

Ephesoft helps customers rapidly transform business operations for ongoing, conclusive value. Read more in this case study about Honda Logistics.