Multifunction Devices Enhanced by Automation

Ephesoft’s multifunction device platform turns any device into an on-ramp for digital workflows. The platform serves as an integrated framework for enhancing document scanning through automation. With no installation requirements, the URL-based button manager makes using the solutions simple and virtually error-proof.

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Enhance MFPs with Automation

Ephesoft employs automation by using server-based classifications for documents and machine learning-based extraction of index values. The solutions allow users to efficiently scan a batch of documents without the need of bar code pages, while the technology recognizes required indexing information from a wide variety of documents.

Eliminate Front Panel Indexing

With only two buttons pressed to accurately capture documents, users see a significant drop in costly errors.

Machine Learning Base Extraction

The software recognizes and authenticates key fields faster than a human while continually learning and improving after each experience.

HTTPS, Cloud-Ready

Users can take advantage of the technology’s HTTPs-based communication, reporting and multi-tenancy, along with direct integration into your organization’s cloud.

Server-Based Device Management

The server-based device management streamlines document classification by wirelessly connecting devices to a centralized configuration server.

Simple, Flexible Licensing

Ephesoft’s licensing model allows unlimited users and scans, relieving businesses from cost considerations that limit automation.

Real-Time Insight & Analysis

The software allows users to make more informed decisions with accurate and easily available KPIs, metrics and business data.

About Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft Transact’s intelligent document classification and extraction technology seamlessly integrate with any multifunction device and existing organizational processes. The solutions grant users web-based administration of document classes and provide free-form recognition fields. Ephesoft Transact also supports print management solutions like Safecom and Equitrac. This approach makes data available faster due to the proximity of multifunction devices to the business user.