Smart Document Capture Platform for Salesforce

Ephesoft provides Salesforce with document intelligence through our Smart Capture® classification, extraction and analytics platform. Our technology enhances your Salesforce document workflows and provides developers with powerful technology that can automate processes and reduce manual data entry.

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Salesforce OCR, Classification and Data Extraction for Documents

The unstructured content within documents poses a complex problem for organizations. Salesforce can leverage the Ephesoft Web Service APIs to convert document content into structured, actionable data. Salesforce users can leverage documents from other line of business systems, service management and case management platforms enabling them to access the most comprehensive data using multiple systems.

Developer Platform

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine is available through services for full-text conversion to PDF, as well as laser-focused extraction for values, paragraph data and table information.

Cloud or On-Premises

Our services are available through the cloud or as an on-premises service. This flexibility provides secure services for any Enterprise document capture need, and our open architecture is modular and extensible for custom solutions.

Classification and Extraction

Ephesoft’s supervised machine learning and analytics engine can auto-classify document types and extract important data. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), images and PDFs are now open and transparent.

Read Barcodes for Salesforce

Read a barcode within an image or document using our barcode reader APIs to identify just about any type of 1D or 2D barcode on the market today. With the Transact Mobile SDK, custom device solutions can be built on phones or tablets.

Mobile Capture SDK for Salesforce

Transact Mobile provides an extensive on phone/tablet capability to make every device an input source for Salesforce. With document edge detection, image cleanup, a barcode reader and credit card auto-detect, the sky is the limit for mobile Salesforce development.

Supervised Machine Learning for Salesforce

Ephesoft’s supervised machine learning patent in document analytics helps the system get smarter over time and allows learning through a set of web services. As more documents are ingested, the system will learn your Salesforce document attributes, allowing for deep automation.

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Add transparent capture functionality and Cloud Services to Salesforce to streamline any business process.

About Ephesoft and Salesforce

Ephesoft Transact was built from the ground up as a web-enabled, cloud-ready, next-generation capture and analytics platform. Ephesoft can host your advanced capture solution to provide modern, cutting-edge technology in the form of insightful, advanced document analytics and machine learning technology on Microsoft Azure. Our open architecture and extensive API library enable developers to build unique, document-centric applications in Salesforce with no limits.