Agnico Eagle Mines A gold mining company digitally transformed their AP department scaling to accommodate 20,000 more invoices and reduce validation to 1 minute. Learn More
Alliance Bank This large bank expedited loan processing services while cutting 20% of time with automation. Learn More
Amphenol LTD Amphenol reduced the time it took for Accounts Payable to process a purchase invoice by over 80% Learn More
Athabasca University A large university digitally transformed over 34 types of student documents, records and transcripts to save time and cut costs. Learn More
AWS A move to the AWS platform increased performance by 10X with Ephesoft’s hybrid cloud solution. Learn More
bpi Large wholesale surfacing distributor cuts processing time by 83% in the mailroom and 65% in AP Learn More
Bristol City Council An initiative digitized and archived complex property licenses, document approvals and extracted header info automatically while reducing costs. Learn More
Brokin’Soft Specialized software provider for brokers and insurance companies accelerates their insurance premium process by 87.5%. Learn More
BSA Limited This telecommunications company modernized their invoice processing using Ephesoft, Alfresco and Pronto ERP. Learn More
City of Amsterdam A large city was able to increase efficiency and process mail 30x faster. Learn More
De Rijke Logistics firm reduced customer onboarding by 90% from five days to four hours. Learn More
DH Pace Reduced errors, expanded ability to process additional 1,000 invoices per month, freed up 635 labor hours per month. Learn More As this online leader in the sales of replacement parts grew its business, they needed a modern solution for capturing invoices, POs and order confirmations. Learn More
Federal Agency This government entity uses Ephesoft to process more than 450,000 documents with over 61 million pages yearly. Learn More
Flowserve Corp. Global manufacturing company processes contracts 6X faster while decreasing error rate by 90%. Learn More
Healthcare and Services Provider This large healthcare provider delivered better outcomes, scalability and resilience by modernizing their invoice processing. Learn More
Honda Logistics This transportation and logistics powerhouse turned their AP department into a profit center. Learn More
innogy A leading energy company in Europe took a manual process of 583 hours down to less than 1 minute per day. Learn More
IONIT A manufacturer and provider of subsea technologies connecting the global offshore energy industry streamlined and automated their AP processes. Learn More
IT Speicherkraft European SaaS IT solution provider for companies like Xerox uses Ephesoft to save clients up to 80% processing time for invoices with fast ROI. Learn More
J. Barbour & Sons Ltd A retail giant achieved 400% increase in invoices processed per day at 36 seconds per invoice. Learn More
Large Insurance Company Learn how this company now processes claims 87% faster while decreasing costs and creating happier customers. Learn More
Large Marketing Services Company Automating rebate claims saved this services company from manual data entry, time and money while increasing accuracy with a fast ROI. Learn More
Large Private Equity Firm A global private equity firm partnered with Box and Ephesoft to quickly process bank statements in the cloud. Learn More
Leeds Teaching Hospitals (NHS) The National Health Service at Leeds Teaching Hospitals now can provide electronic health records and e-referrals to meet high-quality standards. Learn More
Life Sciences Company A large life sciences company handling 70M documents annually modernized their processes in 3 areas: R&D, Manufacturing & Tech Ops and Commercial. Learn More
Liverpool University Hospitals (NHS) This busy hospitality digitally transformed their processes to implement a Paper-Free Health Record system to offer better care. Learn More
LZI Langzeitinkasso Automation and reliable, fast capture and bulk data processing of sensitive documents are critical success factors at LZI and enable GDPR compliance. Learn More
MD Systemhaus IT cloud services provider offers small businesses an efficient way to process invoices. Learn More
Medicare & Medicaid CMS expedited their fraud prevention process by properly recognizing, extracting, digitizing and organizing the right data. Learn More
MIQ Logistics Improving transportation and supply chain efficiency by automating invoices was important to customer satisfaction. Learn More
Mountain West Financial See how this customer cut classification processing time from 45 minutes per loan to under 5 minutes. Learn More
National Mortgage Insurance Modernizing their approach, National MI turned to Ephesoft to solve their paper-intensive processes for loans and underwriting. Learn More
Norman & Company An automobile aftermarket products company automated contracts and forms to boost company growth and productivity without adding employees. Learn More
Oakmont Bakery This bakery deployed in less than 1 week and became 93% faster by automating their invoice processing. Learn More – Part 1 OneDataSource specializes in offering business process automation to top tier QSRs like Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC and more. Learn More – Part 2 After expanding their QSR business to private equity firms, they grew 200% over in one year with no overhead. Learn More
Pepperdine University See how this higher education institution accelerated processes by 95% in their Admissions, Finance and Advancement departments. Learn More
Premier Golf Organization This world renowned professional golf organization eliminated manual processes and boosted productivity in Finance, Compliance and HR. Learn More
Protective Insurance This insurance underwriting firm modernized their legacy system to centralize, digitize and streamline data for collaboration. Learn More
RC McLean A billing and management services company decreased labor costs by 50% by automating their billing and claims processes. Learn More
RPA in Healthcare Network Using Ephesoft and RPA, this $2.4B network freed up over 2,300 human hours per month with 66% touchless invoice processing. Learn More
SERIS This large security services firm was able to gain a competitive advantage by being the first security company to introduce digital personnel files. Learn More
State Workforce Agency A state workforce agency replaces legacy system to automate employment benefits and legal department forms, eliminating manual indexing. Learn More
Systemair This manufacturing company captured 40,000 barcodes and 7,000 invoices monthly to export into Infor M3 at the right price. Learn More
TASC A BPO servicing government agencies and personnel applications, forms, tax and financial paperwork for charity campaigns and processes. Learn More
Van Ausdall & Farrar With over 100 years of service, this BPO technology team of experts implemented a project that lowered labor costs by 80%. Learn More
Vopak The world’s leading independent tank storage company provided better customer service and reduced audits to several hours. Learn More
Washington State Health Care Read how the Washington State HCA found an automated and cost-effective document capture lifeline while saving millions. Learn More
Wien Süd See how this Austrian real estate company is now managing increasing customer requirements, more complex structures and legal regulations for invoice processing. Learn More