How Brokin’Soft Automated Tasks for Insurance Brokers Using Proxscan, a Solution Based on Ephesoft Transact

Processing time

Months for ROI

Streamlined process

Customer: Brokin’Soft

Industry: Insurance

Application: Insurance Premium Notices

Partners: proxymetee

Brokin’Soft is a software provider specialized in software for brokers and insurance companies. The company has been developing software and servicing the needs of insurance professionals in Switzerland for more than 25 years. Specifically, Brokin’Soft offers software solutions designed to optimize, simplify and automate processes while at the same time ensuring quality. The aim is to relieve customers of manual and time-consuming tasks and at the same time improve the quality of customer service.

The Challenge

Brokin’Soft wanted to make it easier for insurance brokers to do their jobs and to enable them to automatically extract information from insurance premium notices. Although this process makes up only a small portion of a broker’s work, it is nonetheless a huge administrative burden. Information from various insurance companies needs to be viewed and validated before the notice can be sent to the end customer. And since there are several thousand premiums, this entails an enormous amount of work with regard to document management. Until now, either the information was entered manually — a tiresome and time-consuming process — or the premiums were scanned and converted to PDF, which made them unsuitable to easily pull out data.

The flexibility of the Ephesoft model enables us to make this technology available to as many people as possible, which is essential in our market.

– Thomas Ferrari, co-founder of proxymetee

The Solution

To solve this problem, Brokin’Soft turned to proxymetee. Founded in late 2018 by two partners (Pierrick Maret and Thomas Ferrari) with multiple years of experience working for a large IT company, proxymetee specialized in the sale of EDM solutions for SMEs. With the development of proxyscan, the team used Ephesoft technology to offer their clients an intelligent document capture solution capable of being integrated into many different work environments and optimized for any kind of process.

Brokin’Soft acquired the proxyscan solution, powered by Ephesoft Transact, and renamed it brokin’scan. Today, thanks to brokin’scan, brokers are able to offer automated data capture and extraction for insurance premiums. On top of this, the system also boasts an intelligent page separation feature. “The days of using page separators are over,” explains Dominique Chappot, director of Brokin’Soft AG. With brokin’scan, paper records can be scanned on the fly, with separate pages belonging to the same document being detected in the process. The broker’s job consists merely in validating the extracted information and ensuring that the quality of the entries is acceptable. “We are eliminating manual work, and we are also preventing manipulation in this way,” says Chappot. “We are saving brokers’ time and relieving them of tasks which do not create value.” There are currently eight insurance brokers who use brokin’scan, and this number is expected to double this year.


For the development of proxyscan, the proxymetee team used Ephesoft Transact, which provides an impressive level of efficiency, simplicity and implementation speed. “Proxyscan provides Brokin’Soft with an additional building block that creates true added value for their tools,” emphasizes Thomas Ferrari, co-founder of proxymetee. “The flexibility of the Ephesoft model enables us to make this technology available to as many people as possible, which is essential in our market.”

proxyscan is offered as a monthly subscription, regardless of document volume. Document capture solutions are normally tailored to large enterprises, but there is a need among SMEs for these technologies as well — but for significantly lower document volumes. For this reason, proxymetee decided to distribute their own purchased document volume among their partners and clients. “We estimate the volume requirements of the partner or client, and then we offer a monthly subscription which includes hosting, maintenance and support,” adds Ferrari. This sales model has enabled Brokin’Soft to meet the needs of its customers and hence to make this technology available to brokers — at a competitive price and with an appropriate level of customer service.

“Meeting the very unique needs of Brokin’Soft required a certain amount of preparation,” says Ferrari. “To implement proxyscan at Brokin’Soft, we created a special model which incorporates all of the rules. So, today it only takes a few hours for us to integrate the solution into a broker’s setup. By working together with the company and the manufacturer, we have been able to create efficient solutions,” he adds. “Offering solutions which are tailored to the client’s business and everyday needs is absolutely essential.”

  • Time-consuming tasks have been automated
  • Manual data entry no longer required
  • Increased processing capacity and scalability
  • Ability to cut processing time
  • Individual pages can now be identified without the use of separators
  • Quick return on investment


Now, Brokin’Soft is looking into the possibility of automating other key processes in the insurance sector, in particular the process associated with non-payment of premiums (payment reminders, subpoenas, etc.) and the process associated with the recognition of policies (new subscriptions with address matching, automatic policy creation, etc.). “Ideally we would like to expand the solution and implement before the end of this year,” adds Dominique Chappot.

With proxyscan, proxymetee is able to address special applications such as this, especially in the real estate market. But they can also do it for public transportation and for invoice processing for fiduciaries. “For fiduciaries, we have developed a service which can read account statements and automatically extract transactions and integrate them into their accounting ERP,” explains Thomas Ferrari. “We had already considered in advance what the easiest way would be to link proxyscan with the majority of ERP systems and bring it to market. This process makes it possible to cut the processing time down to one eighth (for account statements) and to see a return on investment over a period of six to 18 months.”