OneDataSource Generates Efficiency and Productivity with Accounts Payable Solution

Growth in one year with no added overhead

Template set up time

Full implementation time


Industry: BPO–Services for QSR and Financial Services

Application: Accounts Payable


OneDataSource is a one-stop data management company that specializes in business intelligence and business process automation for several target industries: many of the world’s best restaurant organizations as well as financial services and private equity companies.


OneDataSource’s customers include many top tier Quick Serve Restaurant franchisees, such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Panera, Dunkin’, Arby’s, Little Caesars and Wendy’s, among many others. Their SaaS business intelligence (BI) applications support some of the most recognizable brands in the hospitality, beverage and non-profit sectors. They offer two platforms, one of which embeds Ephesoft’s Smart Capture® technology into its patent-pending onePAY invoice workflow automation system. OneDataSource also focuses on operational, accounting, data warehousing, human resources and marketing analysis needs of global organizations.

In late 2017, Ephesoft interviewed OneDataSource on how they were using its solution, industry challenges and how their customers were benefiting from their best-of-breed solution with Ephesoft and onePay, which you can read here. Two years later, we had the opportunity to learn how the company and solutions had changed.

Using Ephesoft to onboard data into onePay has made us more efficient, faster and stronger. We are able to keep our costs down while the technology has improved in performance. Our capture rates are higher, and we can bring on bigger clients quickly.

– Matt Ishee, Product Manager at OneDataSource

More Efficient, Faster, Stronger

Matt Ishee, Product Manager for OneDataSource, had a great story to tell about how the joint solutions had impacted their business, allowing for scalability while keeping operating expenses down. In the two years since we last interviewed them, OneDataSource had expanded their industry expertise to financial services and private equity groups.

Additionally, in the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry, they now have about 35 brands that use the solution for accounts payable and invoicing. They recently landed Arby’s and Little Caesars franchisees accounts, whose franchisors respectively have 3,472 and 5,463 locations. Not all locations require invoice processing, but onePay grew from serving about 1,500 locations to over 3,000 locations at the beginning of 2019, which is 200% growth over one year. So not only did they expand their customer base, but they have not had to hire full time employees to support that growth.

“Using Ephesoft to onboard data into onePay has made us more efficient, faster and stronger,” said Matt Ishee. “We are able to keep our costs down while the technology has improved in performance. Our capture rates are higher, and we can bring on bigger clients quickly.”

One of the major improvements is that OneDataSource employees don’t have to build templates for their customers. Previously, it took one person to build four templates in one hour. So, for example, if you needed 2,000 templates, that translated into 500 labor hours per client. “Now, with improved technical capabilities and being able to leverage the technology properly, we only need one template and can easily add exception templates if needed. Those 500 labor hours now only takes us about 20 hours to complete – a 96% reduction!” explained Matt Ishee.

In the past, with large customer implementations, OneDataSource often had to hire temporary staff at about $15/hour to configure templates. The old way required about 4 or 5 temps, who would work for 4 or 5 weeks on an implementation. Now, the implementation time to go live has decreased from 1-2 months to being able to set up Ephesoft in one day, and onePay in 3-4 days, about an 85% time decrease. “We are able to generate revenue faster with less expense due to faster customer onboarding,” explained Matt Ishee. “There can be more time involved if the customer needs any exception templates built, but that process is much faster too.”

OneDataSource is now able to provide better, more efficient and accelerated technology to their customers. The long-term impact will increase customer satisfaction with better and more affordable service as well as allows OneDataSource scalability to grow as it adds more clients.