WebServices API DiagramWhen Ephesoft first launched, the document capture industry was already established, but hardly perfected. Our competitors had set forth modest expectations of the industry, then they began to expand. IBM acquired Datacap, Kofax has grown to 30,000 licenses worldwide, and EMC acquired Captiva for $300 million.

Ephesoft had to be different.  Not 10% or 20% different, but 100% different. That was the driving force behind Ephesoft: don’t take anything for granted and redesign everything wherever possible.  And that’s what we’ve done.

First, we changed the development platform. Instead of using Microsoft based tools, we used Java and got the benefit of better security and architecture. Instead of utilizing client servers, we developed the entire application to be web-based.

We also changed the pricing model, never charging anything based on number of users, volume, seats or verticals.  This means when you utilize Ephesoft all users receive full access to all product features including all verticals such as mortgage, accounts payables, accounts receivables, mailroom automation, etc.

Of course, as time passes, competitors try to catch up.  Now we are seeing a wide array of pricing models as well as products with cloud offerings and web-based user interfaces.  We see this as a clear indication that Ephesoft has leapfrogged the competition.  As Ralph Gammon emphatically stated, “Ephesoft is the most innovative capture company.”

Intelligent Document Recognition

One of Ephesoft’s latest innovations is developing Web Service APIs. Competing in a mature market with products like Kofax KTM, Captiva Distiller and Datacap Taskmaster requires big thinking.

So we built Ephesoft enterprise to be an application that not only delivers results, but also maximum simplicity and flexibility.  Many customers told us they wanted to integrate Intelligent Document Capture features in their own business applications. We made it happen. For example, we have a client that uses SalesForce.com as a business to business portal which receives thousands of documents that ‘kick off’ several workflows. If Ephesoft was like any other capture software, this client would be forced to export those documents from SalesForce.com, process them (i.e. classify documents and extract meta-data), then import them back to SalesForce.com. But this client chose Ephesoft because of the Web Service APIs. Using the APIs, they can appreciate the confidence and convenience of knowing their SalesForce.com portal has all the IDR features seamlessly integrated into the existing system.

Let’s break it down further. When a 100 page PDF Document comes to SalesForce.com, the system automatically sends a request to Ephesoft (on the same network or on the Amazon Cloud) to identify all documents in the PDF. When Ephesoft says Page 55 and Page 56 are W-2 Forms, SalesForce.com automated service sends another email to capture/extract the names and social security numbers. As you can see, Ephesoft gives other enterprise applications, in this case SalesForce.com, the ability to embed Intelligent Document Capture features. Our competitors are still trying to make these features exclusive to their own applications, while Ephesoft is trying to make sure Intelligent Document Capture is used by the masses – whether it is a medium size company or another line of business applications.