What is Multitenancy?

Multitenancy is one of the unique features of Ephesoft in the Advanced Capture space. Multitenancy is where a single instance of the Ephesoft Software runs on a server, yet is able to support multiple separate clients individually without any of them sharing each other’s information.

How can multitenancy benefit your organization? The main benefit is the ease and maintenance of the platform you have set up the application on. Rather than multiple pieces of hardware running multiple instances and even versions of the software, multitenancy allows you to build and maintain a single instance that distinct users can use privately without interfering with others’ work.

Lower Costs

A multitenancy solution lowers the cost of setup, as well as ongoing maintenance costs, due to a single server installation.


Multitenancy is a newer architecture design. It is an essential ingredient to enable the cloud environment.

Central Application Support

With multitenancy, Ephesoft is able to provide central support of application within an organization.

Want to see how it works?

Have a look at our Multitenancy Datasheet