Document Capture for Linux

The Real Benefits of an Open-Source Solution

Enjoy the benefits of advanced document capture with Ephesoft Transact and the open-source nature of Linux. Transact is the first and only advanced document capture solution designed and optimized for the Linux platform. Ephesoft advanced document capture solutions are built on open source code using Java, the standard script or programming language worldwide. This means that the software can run on any type of application, Windows or Linux, and can integrate into any type of third party systems.

Seamless Integration via Web Service APIs

Ephesoft Web Service APIs allows developers to embed advanced capture technologies and employ capture capabilities in content management systems and other workflow and line of business applications.

Built for the Cloud

As organizations port more business critical applications to a cloud infrastructure, they need to leverage multi-core environments, rather than the older client-server model. Today, most cloud applications, including Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, run on Linux. Open source applications also reduce the risk of obsolescence due to an individual developer’s business imperatives.

No Proprietary Restrictions

Ephesoft Transact’s open source orientation replaces legacy vendor, proprietary knowledge with best of breed, open APIs. Standard knowledge of Java and Web Service APIs mean that you are in control, reducing the need for specifically trained professional service engineers.

Want to see how it works?

Have a look at our Ephesoft Transact Datasheet