Exclusive Business Dinner


January, 2022 from 4:00 to 7:30 pmBalls Brothers Minster Court, London, UK

Discover how FinServ organisations can drastically improve operational efficiency across key processes through automation and thereby not only increase productivity and reduce cost, but hugely improve customer experience.


  • Recent trends in regulatory compliance & risk – how FinServ organisations can harness best practice and technology  to meet the rising challenge (Dr. Colin Johnston)
  • How digital transformation technologies/platforms can weaponise an organisations data to drive operational efficiency and cost reduction through automation (James Adie)
  • Best practice; how Digital Automation Technology is delivering customer value and efficiency for FinServ organisations (Keith O’Brien)
  • Accompanied by dinner and drinks

The Financial Services sector has always recognised the importance of data. From assessing the customer risk to measuring the performance of an investment, access to the correct information is becoming even more important within a data driven industry. 

Today, data is in abundance, and the challenging question facing banks and insurers is how best to use their data. How do we acquire, utilise, manage and store it without consuming enormous resources? How do we ensure that the quality is high and that we comply with regulatory compliance? And how can we use it most effectively to benefit our organisations, employees and customers?

Banking, Financial Services and insurance (BFSI) organisations are understanding the need to adopt data-driven decisions and operations. Customer experience initiatives, for example, are key to attracting and retaining customers throughout their lifecycle. However, a recent survey showed that manual processes and data entry remain the biggest challenges for BFSI companies, followed by regulatory compliance and the difficulty of developing new processes.

What this means today is modernisation can only be achieved through appropriate technologies and digital infrastructures where data can be easily captured and exploited. In practice, this means making it easy for your teams to enter data into your IT systems. It’s important that the information you get is accurate, but if you overcomplicate your data capture technology so that only a few specialized people can use it, you’re limiting your capacity.

Our speakers:

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Date: January 25, 2022
Time: 4:00 to 7:30 pm
Location: Balls Brothers Minster Court
3 Mincing Ln., London EC3R 7PP, UK

Dr. Colin Johnston, Director @ARC Associates LLP

James Adie, VP Sales EMEA

James Adie, VP EMEA @Ephesoft

Keith O’Brien, Finserv Specialist @Ephesoft