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Context is King: 2020 Tech Predictions

2019 was a stand out year for the technology industry, especially as it relates to digital transformation. However, we think 2020 is going to pack an even greater punch as contextual data takes center stage. This on-demand webinar walks through the top the content-adjacent trends we see our customers and partners pinpointing as essential strategies in 2020.

Digital Transformation: 4 Things You Need to Know

Companies need to transform or they will be left behind in this digital world. Data is critical to any digital transformation initiative. Intelligent capture technology using supervised machine learning for data classification and extraction is key to tapping into your hidden data. Watch this on-demand webinar to explore the best practices for digital transformation initiatives.

Handwritten Documents in a Digital World

Handwritten data does not need to sound the death knell for a Digital Transformation initiative, as it does not preclude the digitization and automated processing of critical handwritten business information.

Intelligent Capture for RPA: More than Just OCR

As the RPA market grows, one aspect of process automation has become clear: document intelligence is critical to the success of any RPA implementation. Watch now to find out why the top three market analyst-rated RPA vendors partner with Ephesoft to empower their robots with document data.

Overcome the Top 5 AP Challenges with Smart Capture and RPA

Learn about the top 5 challenges faced in AP invoice processing and how a combination of Smart Capture and RPA can eliminate them.

Insurance Claim Processing with RPA + Smart Capture

When used in conjunction with an RPA solution, Ephesoft Smart Capture® provides insurance companies with the tools to decrease claim processing time, increase customer satisfaction and improve information accuracy through intelligent content capture.

Shorten RPA Implementations

In order for RPA bots to be effective, they must be fed a steady diet of enterprise data to help their decision-making logic. If OCR isn’t enough, what’s the solution? Listen to this short on-demand webinar to learn more about our collaboration with UiPath, which resulted in the development of a state-of-the-art connector to the UiPath platform. This connector provides modern document vision capabilities improving time to production and return on investment.

Better Capture to Fuel Your RPA

In this on-demand webinar, get a behind-the-scenes look at UiPath's Ephesoft Transact Activities in Studio. Find out why your partners and clients are choosing Ephesoft as their go-to capture engine for all things RPA. Let us show you the innovation driving Ephesoft's solutions with an end-to-end demonstration of Transact and UiPath ingesting and processing corporate tax documents.

Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 and Cloud HyperExtender

Watch an overview of the significant new features of Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 and the benefits of Cloud HyperExtender.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud

See first-hand how Ephesoft’s leading new hybrid cloud solution, Cloud HyperExtender, can accelerate digital transformation efforts by processing documents at lightning speed.