When I set my sights on innovating a new way to capture content and created Ephesoft, I always kept an eye on the future. I didn’t want to be “out-innovated” as we had done in 2010 to other capture companies. Since then, Ephesoft has evolved and grown, serving hundreds (and thousands through OEM partnerships) of customers worldwide from smaller organizations to many Fortune 1000 companies. We have a strong partner ecosystem that uses our technology to make headway into solving the growing data challenges that companies face. With the intensifying need to for digital transformation throughout an enterprise, unlocking hidden data is essential to success.

With all of this in mind, it was time to give Ephesoft a new look that reflected our modern approach to enterprise content capture and data discovery. We interviewed many employees to define our unique Ephesoft personality. From this exercise, we realized that employees at Ephesoft possess similar qualities: we are challengers, we are diplomatic, we work hard with casual intensity and we are futuristic. We also uncovered Ephesoft’s core values that are the foundation of who we are:

Day 27. Earn the right to believe.
Be a multiplier. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Builders and fixers wanted. Think globally and act locally.
First one’s free. Be honest and learn from your mistakes.
Invent the future. Create the future customers want.
Own it. We get stuff done, no excuses.

In our mission of making meaning out of unstructured data for decision-makers worldwide, we looked to incorporate our personality traits, values and a look to the future, and began the creative process of depicting a new brand identity and style. After many iterations, discussions and design comps, we are happy to present our new logo that will be proudly displayed on our new website.

I hope you take some time to explore our new website, new content and learn more how Ephesoft can help you unleash the loads of valuable data your organization holds, taking digital transformation to an intelligent level with Smart Capture® technology.