Turning Unstructured Content into Actionable Data

Our supervised machine learning-powered document and data capture solutions reduce errors, improve workflow and save you money.

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Enterprise Document Capture with Ephesoft Transact

From automating mortgage applications, streamlining insurance claims, accelerating invoice payments and simplifying sales orders, Ephesoft Transact allows our customers to put information to work and do business faster.

Accuracy is essential. Ephesoft Transact incorporates supervised machine learning software that identifies types of documents and fields to be extracted based on user-provided examples. The browser-based login makes accessing those documents fast and effortless.

Easy Integration

The only document capture and extraction system that plays nicely with other applications and makes ERP, CRM, ECM and back-office programs document-capture-enabled.

Cost Saving

Complete more work in less time. Ephesoft Transact removes the need for most manual data entry, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best.

Improve Workflow

Improving business processes and workflow generates better accuracy, compliance and customer satisfaction. The document capture and extraction system streamlines processes and boosts productivity.

Accessible Anywhere

Access Ephesoft Transact anytime, anywhere through most browsers, whether the system is deployed locally or in the cloud. Both Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure have certified Ephesoft.

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Introducing the Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Break the Capture Speed Barrier

As the first of its kind, the Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender is breaking barriers with its hybrid capabilities.

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Case Studies

See real world examples of Ephesoft products bringing unparalleled efficiency to document processes in a variety of industries:


Mountain West Financial

With the size of mortgage loan applications reaching as high as 1,000 pages, a full-service mortgage banker found a solution for their soaring volume of paperwork.



A global team requires single-source access to project documents and critical business information. Ephesoft has the answer.


Protective Insurance

Ten million documents migrated in seven days. An insurance company wants a solution that’s built upon and collaborative with a new centralized content hub.


Customer Support

Ephesoft Customer Support delivers superior assistance from exceptionally trained experts on the software.
Wherever and whenever you need help, we are here for you.

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