Mailroom Struggles? Go Digital.

Errors happen. Mail gets lost or buried in a pile on your boss’ desk. Time-sensitive data doesn’t reach its destination in time. Most mailrooms are plagued with age-old problems, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Accelerate Communications Through Automation

Automate your mailroom and incoming data the moment it enters your organization. Faster responses mean happier customers, satisfied vendors and informed business partners. Having one streamlined place to process incoming data means the information gets to the right people and systems quickly and the next steps are initiated. Best of all, a digital mailroom can accelerate or even eliminate tedious work like indexing or classifying mail as invoice, claim, new account, contract or order and route to the right workflow.

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Enhance Mailroom Productivity to New Heights

When your mailroom operations are automated, visibility and control can be achieved. Employees can spend more time helping customers and less time recording, collecting, sorting, copying, labeling and inputting data. In unpredictable times, organizations can maintain business continuity, streamline processes and evolve as new technology and innovations emerge. It’s imperative that organizations become elastic enterprises to adapt to a new world where the only constant is change.

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Success Stories

Deployments have gone from hours, having to deploy changes on each of the 10 instances, to minutes using Ephesoft Transact deployed on the central site. – Government Official User

Satisfaction from mailroom automation customers

IT salaries

Centralized system

Scalability during COVID-19

Potential savings

Faster legal decision-making

Time to indexing

Faster processing

Federal Agency

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This government entity uses Ephesoft to process more than 450,000 documents with over 61 million pages yearly.

State Workforce Agency

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A state agency that provides employment services for job seekers needed better mailroom processing for their benefits and legal departments.


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Large wholesale surfacing distributor cuts processing time by 83% in the mailroom and 65% in AP

City of Amsterdam

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A large city was able to increase efficiency and process mail 30x faster.

Explore how Ephesoft’s platform has helped customers gain efficiency, accuracy and productivity.


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