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In a digital world where everyday consumers and commercial customers spend more time on their phones and online, it becomes increasingly important to meet them where they live and work. Consumers have hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to banking or insurance, so it’s essential to provide a streamlined digital experience that will attract and retain them. For critical account types like checking/savings, insurance, loans or other services, regulations and internal policies require detailed identity verification. Traditional processes involve high volumes of complex documents and heavy manual processing that slows down onboarding.

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Ephesoft Takes Onboarding to the Next Level

Ephesoft captures and processes all documents and files required for application validation and customer onboarding. Customers submit required documentation or files via their phone or browser and Ephesoft intelligently classifies, captures and extracts data to complete the onboarding process. Using advanced AI, organizations gain access to searchable, relatable data sets from onboarding documentation, which allows for a more personalized user experience and potential follow on sales.

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Ephesoft is able to meet our requirements and is versatile to scale with us as we continue to transform our business processes to deliver faster, simpler and more responsive customer experience to our clients. – Mr. Joel Kornreich, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank

Customer Outcome

Customer Onboarding Time

One large bank in the UK digitally transformed their corporate customer onboarding process using Ephesoft’s platform. Their onboarding dropped from 30 days to 7 days, improving the client experience.

Common Applications

New account creation

Identity verification

Digital document submission

AI-based document classification and extraction

Credit inquiry processing

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML)

Corporate and individual loans and mortgages


Customer service and support


Human Resources and employee onboarding


GDPR compliance

Feed data into an ERP, IAM, LOS, RPA, CRM, credit, risk or line of business systems

Benefits to Digitizing Your Documents

Positive customer experience

Easier document submission by phone or browser

Faster processing and delivery of new account data increases efficiency

Decrease time-to-account profitability

Dramatic reduction of human error due to manual data entry

AI provides context and additional insight into customer behavior

Comply with and standardize regulatory requirements that affect customer onboarding globally

Data can be used enterprise-wide, especially in KYC, AML, Tax, Operations, Credit, Wealth Management and Legal departments

Increase visibility into customer risk and improve risk ratings

Reduce duplicate requests

Maintain regulatory compliance throughout the customer lifecycle

Accelerate response to regulatory change

Enrich customer profiles


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