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Your processes are fueled by actionable, structured business information. You want to convert the data that’s trapped in your documents into useful information. It has to be accurate, cost-effective and fast. From mortgage applications to invoices to insurance claims and beyond, Ephesoft Transact makes quick work of processing so you can move faster. Ephesoft Transact uses supervised machine learning to automatically recognize different document types and layouts, then extract the relevant data from them. Even better, each time a user is required to make a correction, the system becomes smarter, learning new layouts and document types over time. Cloud-first capture and extraction accelerate digital transformation.

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Driving a New Standard for Capture and Extraction

Artificial Intelligence

Ephesoft Transact uses AI with supervised machine learning to recognize more and more document types and layouts. This happens automatically every time a user accesses a document.

Modern Data Extraction

It’s not enough to recognize the text in a document. Ephesoft Transact also extracts the structure, giving you actionable business information instead of just a bucket full of words.

Fast Friends: APIs & Integrations

Our comprehensive APIs and application connectors ensure that extracted information can be rapidly be acted on by integrating with business solutions with no muss, no fuss.

Our Head’s in the Cloud

Ephesoft Transact’s intuitive, browser-based interface minimizes total cost of ownership and makes deployment a breeze. Ephesoft Transact’s flexible deployment options accommodate both on-premises or cloud-based implementations.

How it Runs


Ephesoft Transact can run on Windows servers behind your firewall. It’s a zero-footprint, browser-based application that uses powerful algorithms to classify, sort and extract critical information from your physical and electronic documents.


Preferred by many IT pros, Ephesoft Transact delivers thin-client, intelligent document capture on Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat servers.


Ephesoft Transact can be deployed in the cloud. Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender provides the capability to deploy in a hybrid cloud configuration, adding scalability and processing power to on-premises deployments.

Okay, Prove It:Case Studies

Check out how our customers have transformed their business operations and enjoyed dramatic improvements in performance, compliance and cost control.

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Ephesoft Transact Add-Ons

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Seamlessly integrate additional cloud processing capacity with an on-premises or Cloud-based deployment. The scalable on-demand architecture ensures consistent performance during peak demand.

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Advanced Reporting Module

Get comprehensive reports that enhance document analysis and optimization during document assembly and extraction. Fine-tune the system for maximum performance and increased ROI.

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