Unknown Document Type? No Problem.

Every day documents flow into organizations, and this flow is endless. Invoices, contracts, account documents and many others enter physical and digital workflows and burden workers. Intelligent document processing solutions are great to automate this process and extract data from known documents but often require prior document configuration to do so. However, what happens to documents with unknown content or formats that enter the organization or are sitting in archives? They need to go through the manual review and data extraction process – until now.

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Introducing Universal Document Automation

With near zero configuration, Ephesoft’s Semantik AI EngineTM provides the ability to enable Universal Document Automation. With Universal Document Automation, documents are processed via a unique and proprietary document intelligence technology that finds data of interest, regardless of the document type and makes it immediately available to be added into your workflows.

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Use Cases

The dark data in legacy and acquired document repositories can be a minefield for privacy and compliance, but how can you find that needle in a haystack and organize the unorganized?

Transact Universal Document Automation provides a looking glass into dark documents, it can extract and present contextual document data for inspection and reporting.

Sometimes, just one basic piece of data is required, but it is obfuscated by different languages, terms and layouts of disparate documents.

With Transact, just turn on Universal Document Processing, and grab document data within minutes, not hours or days, and turn previously manual, time-consuming work into a simple, fully automated process.

Supporting, or trailing documents, can come from a wide variety of formats, languages and types. An example – bank statements. How can you process such a widely varied set from different sources and correlate it to an account or customer?

Transact Universal Document Automation can extract the data and provide the needed context for further processing, such as account mapping.

Goodbye Dark Data. Hello Data-Driven Insights.

In this race to capture the hearts, minds, loyalty and wallets of consumers, data is the key to the castle. Therefore, companies must find ways to capture and extract information from various document types to uncover trapped data. Once you have accessible data, growth opportunities and data-driven insights are possible.

Universal Document Automation provides the following benefits:

“Plug and Play” solution with fast deployment

Process unknown documents with proprietary AI technology

Automatically detect and extract critical document fields without creating rules or templates

Automate entity extraction for large document variant projects that would otherwise be too costly or time-prohibitive

Cloud and/or on-premises deployment options

Multi-language processing, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish and Dutch

Quick ROI and time to value

I have been testing the Universal Document Automation feature for the past few weeks and I have to say, it is going to be a game changer. We work with clients in oil and gas that have shared drives (or even file cabinets) full of old well logs, completion packets and other documents that they know hold critical information, but they really have no idea what is in there. Being able to quickly extract information without any prior setup is going to be huge. – Lisa Hill, Vice President of Technology Strategy, ArgonDigital


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